Jessica Wienke

Jessica Wienke

One Community Pioneer Jessica WienkeOrganizational Development Consultant, Leadership Development Specialist, and Designer & Facilitator of Adult Learning Programs and Events: Jessica has a double major BA in Organizational Administration and Sociology with a minor in Communication from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and has received certifications in Professional Consulting from NoonDay Ventures, and executive-level facilitation & presentation from Executive Technique in Chicago. With a diversity of experience from customer service, sales, sales management, instruction and facilitation, up through leadership development, Jessica spent eight years working her way up the corporate ranks to become the Development Manager and consultant on sales, leadership, and customer experience for her previous employer’s New England region. There she continued to hone her skills as a passionate teacher, leader, developer, motivator, & director-level consultant. In addition to her corporate career, Jessica spent another 4 years leading, developing, consulting, and instructing entrepreneurs and small business. These skills have provided much aide in the cultural and organizational development of One Community.


September 2012 – Present

One Community intern teamsSince joining the team in 2012, Jessica has been foundational to the Organizational Development of One Community. Her contributions have included providing organizational gap analysis with solution discovery sessions & implementation discussions, re-developing the values & core identity, identifying the core target audience of One Community, rewriting the application & interview process, and helping develop leadership, delegation, & interviewing skills for key team members. In 2015, she also helped Jae manage a team of 50 interns (pic to the right) working full-time for over 3 months on graphic design, infrastructure, software, and more.


  • Significantly improving culture & functionality through organizational gap analysis and suggesting solutions & implementation processes for significant projects, leading to processes such as the creation of the weekly video blog
  • Provide ongoing leadership development consultation on topics from delegation skills & time management to crucial conversations
  • June 2014 to March 2017: Food & Education Manager – Interviewed and managed team members working on these components, review and coordination of deliverables, and reporting on all work in each weekly video blog
  • Dec 2012 to May 2016: Interview and Hospitality Team Consultant and Member – Increased efficacy of application of interview process, helped conduct interviews, and provided other interview team members feedback & guidance for improving their interview skills
  • May 2015 to August 2016: Managed a team of 50+ interns -Human Resources Lead and onsite management and coordination of deliverables, graphic design brainstorming and input
  • Additional Skills Used: brainstorming, image & logo editing/design with Photoshop, WordPress website updates


Independent Consultant: September 2012 – Present | Yoga Teacher Training Org: January – June 2016 |
US Cellular 2009 – 2012

Through her professional career and scholastic experience, Jessica has accumulated experience with group consensus and team building, project development, idea generation and prioritization, problem solving, researching, writing, and editing. She has led project teams, created improvement ideas and researched and developed them, worked on course content modification, created and developed business proposals, written evaluation criteria and user guides, worked with friends to develop nonprofit business strategies, and donated her own ideas to other nonprofits. As the co-owner of a theatre company, innovation and creativity where utilized constantly in design, costuming, props, and casting.


  • Analyze and further develop marketing & sales strategies
  • Analyze leadership and sales skills behaviors at the individual, store, area, and market level to consult and advise market level leaders on developing and prioritizing improvement strategies
  • Facilitate and reinforce development programs for leadership, sales, and customer experience
  • Develop leaders in effective change management, strategic planning, and coaching and teaching
  • Support the USC enterprise in creating a world class customer experience and increasing sales and leadership skill proficiencies that deliver superior sales results

“Jessica has practical knowledge in business and a collaborative work environment, but she also utilizes her intuition quite a bit. Both aspects come together to create a unique synergy that’s proven to be effective in every environment I’ve seen her in. Not very many people are able to merge the left and right brain as well, if at all, and it makes for a great experience. She has an intense amount to teach, but she still manages to sit and listen to what you have to say, takes it all in. All in all, creating any type of relationship with Jessica will only make you thrive.”

Regina Cachuela – Owner, Courageously Free, LLC


Independent Consultant: September 2012 – Present | U.S. Cellular: 2005-2012

Jessica has over 5 years of professional experience specifically leading and developing others and facilitating group trainings with a company of 100,000 thousands. She has facilitated large and small groups of adults in workshops from as short as a few hours up to classes that ran for weeks. She has had her own direct team as well as experience with indirect/influential leadership and was selected to present at a large group demonstration for senior executives. She was also selected to be the lead in training videos for thousands of employees. In her most recent role with her previous employer, Jessica was part of a brand new department – a small team of individuals selected from an organization of 10,000 who were each charged with the responsibility of leading their region in organizational and sales leadership development.


  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Team Building & Development
  • Training Gap Analysis
  • Onboarding & Mentoring
  • Leadership Coaching and Consulting

“Jessica is a great resource because she is an enthusiastic learner and great leader because she is an advocate for the success of others. She has been able to impact so many people because she is an excellent listener, a great teacher, and truly cares about the success of others. Many people personally have expressed to me their gratitude for having worked with Jessica.”

Matthew Salentine – Retail Development Specialist


Independent Consultant: September 2012 – Present | U.S. Cellular: 2005-2012 | Various 1997 – 2005

Jessica has been a teacher/instructor/trainer for over 16 years, starting from her first job at the age of 15 where she has been the ‘new hire’ trainer at almost every job she has held. She has much experience with adult learning theory, and has taught children and adults individually, in large and small groups, in person, over the phone, and over the internet. A natural leader and passionate educator, Jessica has held titles from ‘trainer’ to ‘mentor’ to ‘instructor’, led classes for children through the Parenting Network and the Agape Community Center, and held facilitating and instructing roles within the Human Resources Associate/ Leadership Development departments of organizations, as well as for private events.


  • Create & provide customized tools for Training & Organization Gap Analysis
  • Interpret gap analysis to create suitable training programs to help individuals and organizations change behaviors, and therefore results
  • Created, delivered and facilitated multiple in person & online training courses/modules to teach consultative selling, business development to frontline associates up to executive level leaders/ owners/founders, in small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs in large groups and one-on-one.
  • Quickly recognize & adapt to audience needs & translate complex terminology and situations into easily understandable & usable information



I believe I am here to do what I can to help increase Oneness consciousness so we reach a point where everyone has access to food, water, shelter, and education as a basic human right. Over ten years ago my friend and I created a small theatre company, Witnessing talented artists feeling forced to take time away from their passions to get day jobs where they struggled to ‘earn a living’, I became inspired. I began designing a preliminary idea for a sustainable off-grid community where people could make their living by using their unique talents while housing and food were provided. I conceived of a place where tourists would pay to stay in sustainably built rooms, eat food we would grow and prepare on site, and see the artists’ shows and creative processes. I intended that when that community was successful, we would spread the sustainable affordable green building methods to help others create communities like this. We would then help to reconstruct poor neighborhoods around the world into beautiful, safe places to live. With this dream in mind, I continued college and looked for ways to get the knowledge and resources to one day pursue that dream. I entered the corporate world to learn about business and acquire the skills to lead such a project.

Since then, in many personal and professional relationships spanning many cities and states, I have seen so many people live in ways they are vocally unhappy with. Many have said they feel bound to it, sometimes because no one has shown them what other possibilities exist.

One year after my last promotion, when I was leading a region’s Leadership and Sales Development program (a job I loved), many people were bewildered when I quit that career out of the blue in order to pursue the betterment of society, because it did not fit their paradigm. It was a choice that was too far outside of ‘normal’ expectations.

I had felt it was the right time to move towards projects that better aligned with my goals for building sustainable communities. When I went online and searched for ‘green or sustainable communities’, I found One Community right away. I could not believe how well it matched my dream! I had thought it would take at least another 10 years to collect the resources, knowledge, and people needed to create that team, and instead I found a group that was already creating it. Now a part of the team, I am extremely excited to be part of this amazing group in this engaging, challenging, and meaningful adventure to show the world that a handful of people CAN and DO change the world for the better, and that it is time to choose to make a difference by creating the examples for a fulfilled and sustainable life!




Jessica Wienke -Vegan One Community Pioneer

Jessica also has experience studying and practicing plant-based medicinal diets as a foundation for vibrant health and longevity. Jessica has been sharing this interest and practice of using plants for healing and wellness with others for the past 14 years. She considers herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to study Great Lakes Native America ethno-botany and philosophy with Ojibwe elders and teachers as well as traditional botany through courses at UWM. She has put in many hours researching diet and health and wellness. As a vegan since 2012 ( having become primarily vegetarian since just after middle school) she promotes health through a plant-based diet and helps others explore plant-based approaches to ailments through the use of teas and other plant-based approaches. Jessica’s passion for nutrition as an approach to health has led her own weight lose, and helped lead to wiehgt loss and improved health for those she shares it with. Jessica also only uses plant based and chemical cleaning & personal care products, and makes most herself.


Jessica Wienke -Vegan One Community Pioneer

Jessica has immersed herself in a variety of experiences with religions and philosophies. She has direct experience living with Lutheranism and Catholicism, worked for the Jewish community in their homes and at an orthodox synagogue, studied great lakes Native American philosophy with an Ojibwe elder, taken comparative studies of religions classes in college, studied meditation courses in college, taken city offered public classes on chakras, auras, the law of attraction and various other topics, studied philosophy from her own Cherokee heritage, attended numerous meetings at the Theosophical Society in Milwaukee, and practices Yoga and meditation. All of this has aided to her awareness in interconnectivity/oneness and practice of The Highest Good of All.


One Community Pioneer

Jessica’s love for nature has been central to her studies and her use of personal time. She took various college courses on nature and the environment and has a lifetime of experience purposefully centering her vacations around nature. She has been to over 20 of the National Parks in the U.S. and on uncountable camping and hiking trips throughout the Midwest, West Coast, New England, and Southwest. In support of her love of nature and the environment she has accumulated experience in ultra-light backpacking and also invested 100’s of hours researching and supporting sustainability and environmentally friendly companies and practices. She is currently also working on a website to promote conscious consumerism leading to more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices.


In her spare time, Jessica loves music, hiking, camping, walking, biking, hot springs, yoga, nature, healthy food, meditating, complex strategic board games, reading, creating things, reusing & inventing, tarot, spiritual studies & practices, philosophy, psychology, deep meaningful discussions, and learning! To sum up, she has a varying amount of interests and experiences and One Community is an excellent place for her to combine her business world experiences with her love and passion for nature, learning, and sustainability.