Michael Hagler

Michael Hagler

Michael Hagler, One Community Satellite MemberProject Manager, Senior Graphic Designer and Artist, and Experienced Builder: Michael is a senior graphic designer, artist, project manager and educator with over 18 years agency experience in consumer product, publishing, web, e-commerce, marketing and advertising design. He is a former design instructor and graduate of Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, and is passionate about sustainable architecture building and architectural design. He also has a BFA in Fine Art from University of California.

Samples of his work can be seen at: https://michael-hagler.squarespace.com


As an agency employee, entrepreneur-owner and functioning in a consultant capacity, Michael has helped launch and grow numerous business and non-profit ventures. Managed projects include:

  • 2016 EliteMeetingsAlliance.com website launch
  • 2016 Elite Meeting Corporate rebrand and magazine redesign
  • 2015 Meet Well® blog launch
  • 2014 Vintage 1966 Airstream remodel – $40K two year project
  • 2014 AttendeeHub® app launch; SpeedRFP Network® launch
  • 2013 SpeedRFP.com launch and growth over 3 year period
  • 2012 Alexander Herscovitch H-P laptop launch for South America market
  • 2012 Skinit.com corporate re-brand
  • 2011 SB Food Bank vehicle fleet wrap – $12K account
  • 2010 Ford Motor Limited Editions – $950K in sales over two years
  • 2010 Patrick Nagel archive digitization project – $10K account
  • 2010 preggersnpproud.com launch and ongoing direction (zero to $200K sales growth in first 28 months)
  • 2009 Harley-Davidson Museum Retail Store products launch – $300K account
  • 2009 allposters.com lithography – $1.2 million account
  • 2008 ArteHouse® USA Wood Sign Division Launch – $480K wholesale sales in first year
  • 2007 Ducati USA Shop Gear® Apparel – $200K account
  • 2005 ArteHouse® Publishing product development – managed 5 person design team
  • 2004 Greenwood Publishing (300 cover designs over 3 years) – $900K annual account
  • 2000 Sunrise Greetings 8 branded products line launches, managed 12 person design team

An Art Center, Pasadena trained professional graphic designer and fine artist, Michael is able to produce clear drawings and infographics, and has extensive experience organizing complex information for clear presentation, and managing extremely large archives of graphics and assets. This has included performing technical research for projects, editing video, creating large presentations, creating graphics, and creating and web mastering sites. This work has included creative design for nonprofits, artists, healers, and businesses.

As a senior designer and design manager for numerous agencies, Michael has designed projects for a wide range of fortune 500 clients and institutions including: Destination Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hotels, Preferred Hotels, Portal, Barnes & Noble, Playcorp, Current, John Sands, Gibson Greeting, CMC Rescue Products, Greenwood Publishing, Ford Motor/Shelby Automotive, Ducati USA, Motor, Fender Guitar, Dodge, GM, Chrysler, Tesla Motors, Primedia Group, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, HTC, Kinko’s Paper Center, Portofino Gift Brands, Sunrise/Interart, Pacifica Graduate Institute, KeyBank, Union Bank, AIGA Insurance, and more.


Previously Michael has been an undergraduate design instructor at Art Center College of Design and UCSB extension program. Also, he did extensive corporate training in Los Angeles during the early era of the desktop digital revolution. Recently, he has been involved with K-6 art instruction, in-class volunteer and chaperone work, and light volleyball coaching.


Over the years, Michael has acted as general contractor for several conventional residential remodeling and construction projects and helped construct buildings with Habitat for Humanity. He also has much experience designing and remodeling with his own labor on his own properties, and selecting and working with subcontractors, further developing his skills and experience to also include organizing facilities, sites, tools and materials, and sourcing.


Michael has studied and been passionate about sustainable building and architecture since 2009. He has studied architectural drawing, received green building and blueprint reading certificates from Santa Barbara City College, participated in the Santa Barbara Contractors Association Built Green® program, and completed LEED® certification courses at the UCSB Bren School of Environmental Design. He also participated in extended historic village restoration projects in the Provence region of France in 2000.



I first became more interested in intentional communities and environmental sustainability around 1994 when I took a 2-month sabbatical and “walkabout” throughout Australia. It was the first time in 8 years I wasn’t engaged full-time in school, teaching, or exhaustive jobs, and I took the opportunity to read, hike, think and just BE. During this time I discovered real Ashtanga yoga in a 3-hr workshop one rainy day in the town of Byron Bay, Australia and became immersed in yoga study and lifestyle from that day forward and upon my return. During these years I was the founding member of a unique Yoga coop in Pasadena California, where I was exposed to an amazing and rewarding purpose-led group formation, manifestation, and ongoing management.

In 1996, when I was transitioning from living and working in Los Angeles to a new job offer/location in Santa Barbara, CA, I took many weeks off again, this time participating in wilderness and growth workshops. I also set aside a solid week for self-exploration and defining, documenting, and creating a large but concise chart of my personal values for yearly reference based on some life management books I had been studying.

The new work situation proved demanding and stressful also, but I persevered for three years, made many close friends, and discovered how folks bond when there is a common purpose. In 1998 I again took a prolonged recharging sabbatical, this time participating in a summer eco-live work restoration project in France where we lived in a amazing communal “eco-tourism” project. It was one of the most rewarding “vacations,” where I got a taste of being in a well-run intention community with a guiding purpose, and the incredible bonding that occurred. After eating organic food and working the land for weeks on hand, I returned feeling healthier than I had never experienced before. I began researching intentional communities quite a bit at this time.

After several additional years of personal upheavals, personal triumphs, jobs, traveling, growth workshops, yoga retreats in Costa Rica and Hawaii, marriage (and countless marriage and growth workshops), and children, I became more and more educated about environmental destruction, corporate hegemony, worldwide political dysfunction, etc. I came to realize that no matter how hard I worked, I was never going to become part of the elite wealthy class I was secretly aspiring to, and that this was a hollow, but deeply ingrained subconscious archetype I had from our culture.

My dream became to build my own “off-grid” future retirement property with my own labor with green building techniques. We purchased beach-front property in Mexico, and my family also had property in Lancaster, California, hoping to have one or both as possible options or practice construction projects.

Like many working professionals, we were hit hard by the great recession of 2008, and lost much of our life savings I had scrupulously slaved towards since the dot-com bust of 2000. This was the 3rd time in my life I had been seriously and personally impacted by global macroeconomic waves (the 1982 recession, the dot-com bust of 2000, and the great meltdown of 2008). I became convinced there has to be a better social/economic model, and added saving the environment as a primary value to my value/goals chart.

During the recession years my concern for the environment was extreme and possibly self limiting, refusing to eat fish and do many other things for environmental conservation reasons. I felt downright guilty for doing or buying almost anything (especially purchasing gasoline or using anything made from oil) when I calculated the environmental cost. We made a family commitment to live with as little environmental footprint as possible while raising a family in California, which involved some sacrifices, but better aligned with my stated values. Career striving took a back seat to raising children.

After turning 50, I formulated a goal and firm intention of getting into ever closer alignment with my values in the 2nd half of my life, and to transitioning from my corporate design career to a world of sustainable architecture and green building, and a “maker” type of alternate business in future years. As a team member with One Community, I continue to work towards these goals.

Michael Hagler, One Community Satellite Member