One Community Welcomes Rizwan Syed to the Mechanical Engineering Team!

One Community welcomes Rizwan Syed to the Mechanical Engineering Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant!

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Rizwan holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Rutgers University, New Jersey, and a Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineering. He brings 3 years of significant experience in the automotive and electric scooter industries, having worked at EV companies such as Rivian, Lucid Motors, and White Fox Scooters. During his tenure, Rizwan has successfully designed, analyzed, and brought meaningful products from initial concept to full-scale production. He is a certified 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Professional and an active member of the SOLIDWORKS Champions Program. Passionate about using his skills in mechanical design and with a research background in additive manufacturing, Rizwan is committed to designing and developing sustainable technologies that benefit both current and future generations. He excels in 3D CAD modeling, prototyping, and FEA simulations, and has developed strong cross-functional collaboration skills through partnerships with suppliers on multiple product design projects. As a key member of the One Community design team, Rizwan is applying his skills in SOLIDWORKS, stress analysis, and problem-solving to help complete the DIY human waste processing structure of the Vermiculture Toilet.




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