One Community’s Path to Consensus

One Community: Saving the earth - reduce, reuse, recycle

One Community is a long ways along the path to full consensus decision making and committed to a 100% consensus-trained team and the 90-day consensus phase-in process outlined on the Consensus page. We are, however, waiting until we are on the… Read More

Creating Transformational Change Overview

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One Community sees the issues of the world as interdependent and interconnected. To address them simultaneously, we are open-source blueprinting a more advanced standard of living. Our model for this is combining holistic, environmentally-regenerative, self-sustaining, and adaptable solutions for… Read More

Sara Sabol

Human Resources Manager, BA Organizational Communication Studies, Amateur Web Designer and Video Editor, and Licensed Massage Therapist: Sara received her BA in Organizational Communication Studies from Winona State University in 1997, has been a member of One Community since its… Read More

Jae Sabol

One Community Executive Director and Founder, Certified Permaculture Designer, and Holistic Health Professional: Jae is the lead Project Manager for One Community and an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience. His vision of sustainability and a “new way… Read More

Straw Bale Village – One Community Pod 2

The straw bale architecture village (Pod 2) is the second of seven different sustainable village models. The Straw Bale Village was chosen as the second village to be built because it demonstrates modularly expandable sustainable housing and a focus on family-based… Read More

Earthbag Village – One Community Pod 1

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The earthbag architecture village (Pod 1) is the first of seven different sustainable village models to be built. The Earthbag Village was chosen as the first village to be built because we believe it will be the most… Read More

Sitemap :: One Community

One Community Sitemap

THIS SITEMAP IS DIVIDED INTO THREE SECTIONS A breakdown of important pages organized by topic (click to jump directly to that section) The 6 One Community overview/summary videos (click to jump directly to that section) Alphabetical listing of… Read More


The following are the questions we receive most commonly via email. Questions we receive about specific components of our project are on their related pages. FREQUENTLY ANSWERED/ASKED QUESTIONS Q: I want to help, how do I get involved?… Read More

Moving Toward The Venus Project

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One Community considers itself a stepping stone to the visionary Venus Project, “a bold, new direction for humanity that entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture” (  Requiring a fraction of the funding, but with… Read More


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One Community will not have our first consensus meeting to discuss pets until after we have been on the property for at least 120 days. At that point we will have more of the necessary information to make an educated… Read More

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