Philo Jewett

Philo Jewett


Web Designer & Photoshop Expert, Videographer, Internet Marketer, and Education Designer/Teacher: Philo has a diversity of experience in artistic creation, marketing and teaching that provides him a unique and effective approach to situations and challenges in his environment. He has spent many years as an entrepreneur, doing everything from operating his own taco stand to facilitating multiple teams of individuals in different online network marketing opportunities. Philo now owns and operates his own transformational retreat business with his wife Jessica Wienke.

In addition to his diverse skills and entrepreneurial background, Philo has also traveled to nearly every state in the USA as well as multiple countries around the world. This has helped Philo develop a rich understanding of the way things currently are in the world and provided a unique vantage point to address the most common challenges that the world and people face today.

In his spare time, Philo loves music, personal development, art & digital painting, preparing food (both raw and cooked), learning about the universe, listening to powerful audio courses, writing, reading educational/enlightening books, talking about unique concepts, watching life-changing presentations, going to fun events and retreats, spending time with Jessica, dream building, board games, nature, juggling, spirituality, philosophy, esoteric wisdom, laughing, having meaningful and fulfilling conversations, reaching new leading-edge conclusions, fitness, exploring/discovery, overcoming personal challenges, cycling, calisthenics, studying astrotheology, astrology, numerology, quantum physics, universal law, sound, light, love, crystals, and so much more!

With Philo’s diverse interests and experiences, One Community is an excellent place for him to combine his broad universal understanding with his love and passion for practicality and usefulness, learning, and sustainability.


Philo’s primary contribution to One Community is web and graphic design. Combining a growing set of web-design skills with his expert Photoshop skills, a program he has been passionately and artistically using for the last 5 years, Philo creates beautiful and thought provoking images and content to educate and inspire people to action. With an eye for design and a history of internet marketing, Philo has mastered the foundations of web design and the honed his skills using the complete tool set of Photoshop to paint, create and develop concepts, do touch-up work, and work with all the delicate intricacies of producing images that are beautiful, moving, and compelling.


Philo gained his first professional experience as a videographer in 2013, working with an experienced team of videographers to create powerful trailers, teasers, advertisements, and products. He has filmed for private individuals as well as filmed and contributed to a growing network marketing team of thousands. He successfully endured and performed under film industry standards of working for up to 16 hours a day with very few breaks for up to 6 days straight while maintaining professional quality, his health, and his sanity. He has filmed large and small groups of adults in workshops from as short as a few hours up to classes that ran for 3 days or more. He was also selected to be the lead in interviewing, sound management, and slow-motion capture. He has experience with sliders, steady-cam, drones, tripods, lighting, sound, file management for multiple cameras over multiple days of filming, DSLR’s, Mirrorless cameras, as well as all the basics of operating cameras of various types.


Through his internet marketing ventures, Philo has accumulated experience with group dynamics and team building, project development, website design and management, the sales process, influence, leadership, idea generation and prioritization, problem solving, researching, writing, and editing. He has led people in his organization towards what they desire, created information courses for them to implement, worked on course content modification, tested and tweaked marketing funnels, worked with friends to develop solutions and business strategies and donated his time to helping others. As the co-creator of a retreat company, innovation and creativity are utilized constantly in design, setup, creating course content, organization, and putting everything together in a comprehensive, holistic delivery.


Philo has been a teacher/instructor/trainer for himself over the course of his entire life, leading up to the realization that he really enjoys teaching and training as well as being a student. He has since made it his primary focus to learn the highest quality information in his favorite fields and organize it in a way that people can really understand from a basic level all the way up to the most advanced levels. He has always loved teaching and sharing, and it has been his primary joy in life all throughout his childhood and school life.

Sharing what he’s learned, Philo’s teaching experience has covered success principles, health, and using adult learning theory. He has taught children and adults individually, in large and small groups, in person, and over the internet. A natural leader and passionate educator, Philo has been looking to expand his reach and influence to encompass more individuals seeking quality information and life-changing education. He has had experience with influential leadership and was selected to present to a mastermind group his understanding of Success Principles and the Science Behind the Law of Attraction.



About seven years ago my friends and I created a small group dedicated to learning how to be more sustainable and live a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life. After much debate over what we should call the group, we eventually settled on calling it “The Project.” We basically wanted to create a new society; one based on goodness, sane practices, learning and growing together, and freedom to do whatever we wanted.

Although ‘The Project’ is still alive and well today, life’s journey became very interesting and separated me from it. In April of 2011, my mom and I, after a long battle with the banks, lost our home of 18 years to foreclosure. We were suddenly swept off our feet, and had no place to live, nor any idea of where we would live. We had to start a new life. Long story short, we ended up finding a place to live that was out in the country, about 4 hours north of where we lived in Los Angeles, CA. It was a 40-acre ranch with horses, cows, chickens, cats, and a variety of interesting people. We decided we would take it!

We moved all of our stuff from LA to Templeton, and I agreed with the owner of the ranch that I would work in exchange for rent. We thought, ‘We’ll find a better place in a month or two’ – well ‘a month or two’ turned into 2 years! I learned the hard way that ‘If I want things in my life to change, I’m going to have to change things in my life.’

Right around January 1st of 2013, I decided that things would be different. I was going to pick myself up and create my new life. I wanted freedom to travel, make a great income anywhere in the world, and pursue my passions; health, learning, teaching, and universal knowledge. Shortly after I made this decision, I came across an internet marketing company that I really liked. I decided I would get involved, and I became an independent affiliate. It wasn’t long before I was at a crossroads… I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted, so I had a decision to make. I could keep going forward, or I could quit and hope to find something else.

Considering my two options, a third option then became clear. I knew I wasn’t going to quit, and I definitely wasn’t going to find a better opportunity than this one, so I decided to go as forward as I could go. Not only was I going to keep going, I was going to go to the company’s live event in Chicago! I made this decision without even knowing ‘how’ I would possibly make this happen. I had almost no money to my name, just a desire to grow and do whatever it took.

Just one day later, some money came into my life at the perfect time, and the trip became a lot easier to plan out. I went to the event. It was an amazing, life-changing experience for me to fly by myself across the country and attend an event solely for the love of myself and my dream. Lo’ and behold, I met a beautiful girl on Saturday night while I was on the dance floor (yes, my marketing company has a dance floor at their events). I said hello to her, and I bumped into her the next day as well, we ended up talking all that night about the most fascinating esoteric philosophy and wonderful things. Today, that girl is my wife, Jessica Wienke.

I went back to the ranch and everything settled down, but I felt like a new man. I kept in close contact with Jess, and over the course of the following month and a half, we became very interested in one another. One day, Jess told me that she was going to be moving to Denver with some of her friends. I thought “I’d like to move to Denver, if I had some money.” I told Jess my concerns. Jess then explained to me that I could do anything if I really wanted to, and that no excuse would get in my way if I chose.

Having just experienced the miraculous events that transpired after I made a decision to go to the event for my company, and then meeting Jess and a ton of other amazing people, I decided on the spot: I’m moving to Denver in a month! A few days later, more money showed up to make this a reality. I wasn’t surprised, actually. It seemed like it was the right thing to happen.

A month later, I packed my bags and I left. Since then, Jess and I have traveled the world together. We’ve been to over 40 states in the US, as well as Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica. We feel that we are just getting started when it comes to our travels. We want to tour the castles and the beaches of the world alike.

With Jess came One Community! I learned about this great organization from Jess, and over the course of the last two years that we have been together, I’ve come to learn all about it and I have fallen in love with the vision of the team. I decided I would make it my priority to join as soon as I felt I was ready. I reached that point in time, and since joining One Community, I’ve had a blast contributing and collaborating every week, and I’m really enjoying seeing the vision reliably unfold.

Having come full circle, I’ve realized now that One Community embodies all of the things I was seeking to create with ‘The Project’ and more.




Philo also has experience studying and practicing plant-based medicinal diets as a foundation for vibrant health and longevity. Philo has been sharing this interest and practice of using plants for healing and wellness with others since 2011. He considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with successful leaders in the plant-based ‘food and sport’ movement, namely Doug Graham, author of ‘The 80/10/10 Diet,’ Harley Johnstone, a well-known YouTuber, and Michael Arnstein, a fruitarian ultra-marathoner.

He has put in many hundreds of hours researching diet and health and wellness. As a vegan, he promotes health through a plant-based diet and helps others explore plant-based approaches to ailments through the use of clean water, simple plant foods, and a healthy mindset. Philo’s passion for nutrition as an approach to health has led him to lose over 80 pounds of fat and gain 15 pounds of new muscle (so far). He has helped others lose fat as well with his simple methods of eating delicious whole foods and staying hydrated.


Philo has immersed himself in a variety of experiences with different religions and philosophies. After coming to the conclusion that there are many paths to happiness, truth, and knowledge, he began to seek out the underlying structural roots of the universe. The primary theme that he has come across is that everything in the universe is run by law. He discovered that these laws are eternal and universal, which means they are in effect everywhere at all times. Philo has primarily studied how to work with these laws to create things in our physical reality. He also helps other people to understand how to use these powerful laws to improve their life experience more quickly and easily.

Philo also studies geometry, numbers, language, astronomy, energy, quantum physics, time, space, sound, light, neoteric and esoteric philosophy, and how all of these things tie together to formulate a grander picture. Philo seeks primarily to understand all of these things so that he can give the world a working toolset for personal and global change.


Ever since Philo could walk, he has loved playing games. From playing card games with friends, to word games, to video games, and everything in between, Philo has seldom lived a week where he hasn’t engaged in some type of game that he enjoyed. His game experience changed drastically at the age of 15 when he was exposed to the original World of Warcraft game. He became highly involved with this game and played it on and off for 8 years.

He also played other Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games (MMORPG’s) like Runescape, Guild Wars 2, and EVE Online. Little did he know, these game experiences were the seeds of greater change. He quickly fell in love with the idea of a world without limits, in which he could explore, discover, overcome challenges, and achieve greatness through an objective system of accomplishment that was extremely fun, enjoyable, and valuable to himself and others. All of this is experienced while being in a world that defied the imagination in terms of it’s magnificence, beauty, and functionality.

Eventually, Philo stopped playing video games completely and instead focused his energy on learning how the universe works so that he could create his own real-life gamified world to play, create, and share within. He called it Project Create, or ‘Pro-Create’ for short. He feels that this goal is worthy of a lifetime of his time and energy, and possibly more than that. However, the impact that it will have on the universe cannot be overlooked, and the creation of Pro-Create is paramount to the success of the whole universe.

Philo sees One Community as an integral part in the achievement of this project because he will learn extremely valuable skills like communication, community living, and a large-scale sustainable lifestyle.