Our First Video Blog Update – One Community Weekly Progress Update #1

This is our first One Community video blog update covering the week of February 25, 2013. If you like this form of update, please comment, like, and/or share it so we know. If the response is positive we… Read More

Solution Based Thinking: SEGO Center Open Source City Hub Progress Update

The SEGO Center City Hub is solution based thinking approach to spreading sustainability and starting  comprehensive sustainable communities, villages, and cities all over the world. This component of One Community as a duplicable teacher/demonstration community, village, and city model is purposed to provide an… Read More

Village Development Plan – One Community

Our open source village development plan continues to move forward. We made significant progress last week on the Pod 1 (depicted left) Tropical Dome graywater processing plans that are now complete to the point of a 60-page document outlining the design, permitting,… Read More

Birth of the SEGO Center City Hub

The “Center of Peace” has evolved into the SEGO Center City Hub to represent the importance and function of this building in relation to our global change strategy, its relation to the 7 different sustainable village prototypes, and its intended purpose as a… Read More

Two Completed Interviews

In the past week One Community founder Jae Sabol completed two interviews about One Community and this swiftly developing open source model for self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and eventually cities. The first was a radio show interview that is expected to… Read More

Betty Lenora Conscious Quotes to Inspire from her book “Sacred Women Behind Bars”

Betty Lenora is an author, earth building instructor, sustainable living expert, and member of the One Community Consultant Team who wrote a forward in her book, Sacred Women Behind Bars, that mentions One Community! We’ve read this inspirational and beautiful book, loved it, and this… Read More

Sustainability Non Profit Site Update

Along with all the infrastructure details that are moving forward (more updates coming here this week), One Community has been in the process of updating our sustainability non-profit site to create an overview site because this site is… Read More

Free School Online: One Community Features the Khan Academy as an Ethosolution

Free school online could be the future of education and One Community is happy to feature the Khan Academy as our newest Ethosolution Idea and Ethosolution Organization. The Khan academy free online school/curriculum is easy to use, interesting to watch,… Read More

Supporters of Global Change

One Community is happy to announce three new consultants to our global change team: Doug Pratt –  Solar Expert and Solar Systems Design Engineer: Progressively focused from a young age, when the Arab Oil Embargo occurred it ignited in… Read More

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