Tatyana Tertitsa

Tatyana Tertitsa

Tatyana, One Community PioneerComputer Programmer-analyst with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Active Organic Gardener, and Experienced Natural Builder: Tatyana received her Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (Ukraine). She has thirty years experience as a programmer-analyst including last  9 years working as a full-time employee for the US Patent and Trademark Office. Tatyana is also has a lifetime of organic gardening experience, including managing two Food Bank plots, and a love for natural building. She has studied and participated in a broad diversity of hands-on natural building workshops including building with cordwood, straw bale, and cob construction. She is also knowledgeable with passive solar building design, green roof benefits, gray water systems, water gardens, solar water heating systems, and earth bag construction.

Being born in Ukraine gave her opportunity to be fluent in Ukrainian language, and living in America for the past 20 years has helped her achieve fluency in English. In her free time, Tatyana loves spending time in her garden, training rescue dogs, biking, reading, traveling, hiking, camping, and do-it-yourself projects. An advanced Yogini, she also enjoys yoga and meditation.


Tatyana started her career as a Software Developer in Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Science in Ukraine. She now has 30 years of experience including 7 years working as a contractor and 9 years as a full-time employee for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As a programmer-analyst during that time, she not only developed new systems, but also maintained and upgraded existing infrastructure. Tatyana possesses experience in the analysis of requirements, preparation of user manuals, design, coding, testing and installation of Information Client systems. In addition, she created a variety of complex reports, successfully provided user training, and represented the development team in meetings.


Tatyana’s journey as a gardener and love for gardening began at an early age. She planted her first seed on her grandmother’s farm, where she also learned basic gardening skills. Now Tatyana gardens organically on a small county community garden plot and is responsible for managing two Food Bank plots. On her garden plot she uses different approaches (lasagna method, heavy mulching, crop rotation, raised beds and companion planning) to maintain a healthy crop. She shares her organic gardening knowledge with other gardeners and provides educational seminars to local schools on how to grow food without harmful chemicals. She also has experience growing vegetables in container gardening. Tatyana was the first resident in her neighborhood to install compost bins and she helped educate neighbors about benefits of composting garden waste.


Tatyana understands that Earth Friendly Construction is a one-of-a-kind building strategy that embraces attractive, comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthy building approaches. Such strategies allow for environmentally progressive and responsible green building practices. She has studied and participated in hands-on workshops using different construction methods including cordwood, straw bale and cob construction. She believes that green buildings should be designed to reduce the overall impact on human health and the natural environment. She is knowledgeable with passive solar building design, green roof benefits, gray water systems, water gardens, solar water heating systems, and earth bag construction.



I have been an avid supporter of healthy living and environmentally friendly habitation for most of my life. I first learned how to grow vegetables when I was a child on my grandmother’s farm in Ukraine, and since then I have been on a continuous journey to lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

In Ukrainian villages there was a custom where a community would come together to help fellow neighbors build their houses. It became a huge celebration in which work and fun were casually mixed together. Everyone arrived before sunrise and worked until evening, sharing a big community prepared lunch in the middle of the day. Throughout the day, everybody was happy to work together and everywhere you could hear laughter and singing. I was fortunate to participate in such gatherings a number of times during my childhood, one of them being when my grandmother’s house was built. It gave me an opportunity to learn how rewarding it is to be a part of a larger community. Unfortunately this tradition disappeared with the modernization of the rural lifestyle, but it is something I have sought to rekindle. 

All my life I have been hoping to find like-minded people that would like to build a non-judgmental community based on honesty, personal growth, truthful connection with nature, and willingness to share knowledge and skills with everybody. Over a decade ago, when I was unable to find such a community, I decided to lead by example and started planning my own eco-friendly sanctuary, eventually hoping to teach and spread my knowledge to neighbors in hopes of growing a real community. Then one day I stumbled upon the One Community website and was amazed to find a group of people that shared my vision for a sustainable eco-friendly community. I was thrilled to have found a group of people that not only believed in the same goal, but were already on the path to achieving it. At that point, my decision to join the community felt like the best way to not only fulfill my dreams, but to also help the world advance towards a sustainable lifestyle.

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