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Conscious Music Project Awesome, Uplifting, and Feel-good Song Suggestion Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in The Conscious Music Project! Our goal with this project is to share songs that increase happiness and conscious and conscientious awareness through the most uplifting music, positive lyrics, and high vibration songs we can find! If you are seeking toe-tappin’, sing-along-and-smile music to live to, music to laugh to, music to dance to, and/or music to love to with a message of positivity and joy – this project is for you!





Criteria in order of importance for songs being added to the project:
  1. Positive lyrics and message
  2. Music as uplifting as the message
  3. Must have a YouTube video so we can create a page
  4. Should be professionally produced or at least decent quality
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Click this image to visit the main page with all the songs.

Amazing music has greatly influenced the creation of One Community. This page was created to share what we feel are the most uplifting songs to live, love, and expand with. The number one criteria for song selection is the positive and uplifting message within the lyrics. We created The Conscious Music Project because we found a surprisingly small number of pages focused on what we would characterize as inspirational uplifting songs, positive uplifting music, high vibration music, conscious music, music written for the Highest Good of All, etc.

Because we think the lyrics are so important, we have included them with each song we’ve posted. In the case of lyrics we had to transcribe ourselves, one of our team also creates a page dedicated to each of those songs so the lyrics are easy to find for others too.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ~ Bono


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CLICK HERE for the One Community Conscious Music list on Spotify



Further development of this collaborative music project is currently on hold as we’ve got a ton we are working on with the One Community Global Sustainability and Transformation Project. You are still welcome to submit songs though. We’ve found a couple we absolutely had to share and we are saving all the rest that we love and resonate with and will add the best of the best to the site when we dive back into this project.

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