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Highest Good Economics

Sustainable and Highest Good economics® practices are another area that One Community is open source sharing in support of Highest Good of All living and creation. These Highest Good and duplicable resource and sharing-basedfor-profitnon-profit, and collaborative-entrepreneurial economics models will be a cornerstone of our self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built all over the world. This page contains the following sections related to how we will be providing a free-shared model to help people develop their own paths to self-sufficiency and financial freedom:


Highest Good Hub

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The One Community definition of Highest Good economics is business that is specifically pursued with the intention and long-term focus to function for The Highest Good of All people and all life on this planet. These businesses are fair, proactive and forward-thinking, ecological, transparent in their function and operation, and they provide value while creating positive impacts individually, locally, and globally. As an organization we are focused on demonstrating and open source free-sharing duplicable RBEfor-profit, non-profit, and entrepreneurial economics models that specifically meet all of these criteria. In so doing, they will function as a foundation of demonstrating that living and creating for The Highest Good of All can function proactively in existing competitive markets, free people from debt, and provide developing teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities on-going capital for upkeep and further expansion.



Highest Good for-profit business, Highest Good non-profit business, open source business, One Community entrepreneurial model, making money at One Community, sustainable businessHighest Good approaches to doing business have the potential to change the world positively and permanently for everyone. By developing duplicable RBEfor-profitnon-profit, and entrepreneurial economics models that are successful while specifically focusing on what is for The Highest Good of All , we can provide people with options that serve their individual needs while also providing benefits to everyone else too. Doing this as part of our open source and free-shared model for global transformation will provide all the details people need to develop additional iterations and evolutions of these kinds of businesses and, in the most positive and proactive expression of this process, lead to a new paradigm of how people look at the idea of building businesses and making money.






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project management software, open source software, teacher/demonstration village, objective fulfilled living, data gathering for The Highest Good, transforming the planet, global collaboration, working together, tangible time, One Community, ACE Application Open Source Hub, Open Source ACE, ACE ApplicationOur Pioneer team is specifically requested to be fairly financially free to help assure the success and integrity of One Community to build open source blueprints for teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities like One Community. Part of this is economics models that use self-sufficient infrastructure combined with open source economics practices to help spread the model further while also allowing people to get out of debt, save for college, retire, etc. The areas we are open sourcing to support this include:

rbe, resource based economy, asset based economy, sharing makes sense, RBE One Community, One Community resource based economy, open source future, sustainable world, eco-future, the future of economics Resource/sharing-based economy demonstration
spacer One Community non-profit, open source non-profit Non-profit organization, creation, and operation
One Community for-profit, open source for-profit All aspects of our process to build and operate an eco-tourism village and business
Highest-Good-Entrepreneurialism-Icon All aspects of our screening, review, and launch process for internal business sponsorship
One Community logo, One Community Icon Complete and transparent details covering all aspects of all of One Community’s revenue streams
One Community first five years, eco-communities, teacher/demonstration hub, green living, sustainable communities, One Community Global, ecological living, self-sufficient living, sustainable food, sustainable housing, sustainable energy, open source ecology, New World living, One Community Projecting our first 5 years of sustainable development and contributions to global change
economic maintenance, Business learning, business development, One Community businesses, business Ongoing sharing and archiving of the One Community business learning and development process
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Business collaborative hub Ongoing sharing and archiving of the learning and development process of others using this model
Highest Good non-profit business, Highest Good for-profit business, Highest Good entrepreneurship Ongoing updates and how-to answers for all questions we receive from the global collaborative




Highest Good society, fulfilled living, enriched life, enriching life, living to live, how to live an enriched life, keeping it all running, sustainable living, social architecture, fulfilled living, thriving, thrivability, emotional sustainability, the good life, a new way to live, One Community revenue, sharing world change, making a difference, sustainable community living, open source revenue, helping people help themselves, profitable ecology, win-win Highest Good businessThe entire marketing and sharing engine we are creating is also being developed specifically to support and refer interested people to other self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities using and helping us grow and evolve the whole open source and free-sharing process more and more for The Highest Good of All. Additionally, once established and demonstrated as successful, the One Community model as a Highest Good economics will also function as a duplicable investment model for people who would like to fund teacher/demonstration hubs as a path to:

  • Investor profit
  • Alleviation of debt for members
  • The One Community lifestyle as an alternative to a traditional job



Highest Good for-profit business, Highest Good non-profit business, open source business, One Community entrepreneurial model, making money at One Community, sustainable businessOne Community is a structure for creating self-sufficient and self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities and we think non-profit and for-profit business development is an important component of this. We’re bringing a team together intentionally financially free to build this model so it can spread as fast as possible. One key to this is demonstrating it as a way to financial freedom for others too. We will do this through open source and free-sharing Highest Good approaches to RBEfor-profitnon-profit, and entrepreneurial economics models.



Q: Is anyone (directors, consultants, etc.) paid as part of One Community?

No, we are a 100% unpaid volunteer organization.

Q: How would individuals who want to make money as part of One Community do so?

Please see our entrepreneurial model page.

Q: Are you basing these concepts on an existing model? In other words, how confident are you they will work?

These concepts are based on the foundations of intelligent business in almost any industry: providing value, low cost to profit ratio, and a quality marketing engine. The successful (and growing) model to compare what we are creating with would be the affordable tourism industry. Affordable tourism continues to gain market share and sustainability as an industry and an interest continue to grow also. Visiting a property like One Community’s, an environment like One Community’s, and hands on experience with all of One Community’s open source blueprints and creations all add to our desirability and marketability. Further add to this that the entire “staff” of One Community are non-profit volunteer residents not doing a “job,” but rather operating the Highest Good society model that is the core of One Community, makes it a fun place to be and visit, and an exciting and world changing organization to maintain.

Combining all these things produces a place people want to visit, that will offer much more interesting and fun things to do, at a lower price, with a higher profit margin, staffed by people who are (instead of “workers”) equal and full shareholders in the experience. On top of this, we are changing the world for the better and the more fun and beautiful residents make One Community, the more they individually benefit, the more visitors benefit, and the more it benefits One Community’s global transformation goals.

For these reasons, we are very confident in the financial viability of One Community.

Q: What about duplicability, how will this be duplicable for others? 

The marketing engine of One Community is growing to specifically support and coordinate with other teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities too. When other teacher/demonstration hubs contribute to the global open source archive, we will help them promote their work through our engine. We will operate this like a franchise where inclusion is based on open source contributions to positive and permanent global transformation. This means future models will have a significantly easier time implementing this same model. We are also open source free-sharing the complete for-profitnon-profit, and entrepreneurial models and details of One Community so others will be able to duplicate them without association with One Community.

Q: Why do you have a for-profit component, why not be 100% non-profit?

There are two primary reasons for this:

First, in essence One Community is establishing itself to place maximum profits into our non-profit and global goals. However, there are elements of One Community that will not legally fall under the umbrella of a non-profit and these areas will need to be classified and taxed as for-profit ventures operated under a separate legal entity. We also see it as a positive thing for both One Community and Visitors so long as we offer enough value that people feel good about the investment in the for-profit elements of One Community. In this way we hope to demonstrate and spread Highest Good economics as part of our model too.

Second is our goal to demonstrate and open source share a model that is A) sustainable and B) can meet the needs of as many people as possible. In the case of the model being sustainable, we do not consider any model that operates 100% on donations as a sustainable and duplicable solution because donated resources are limited. Revenue is also necessary to purchase everything that cannot be produced effectively internally like machinery, appliances, technology, clothing, some food items, vehicles, etc. These items will differ for different people in different locations and an effective revenue stream addresses this.

In the case of meeting the needs of as many people as possible, One Community is also taking into account those who have debt, those seeking only to invest, and the reality that there will be many who will try a model like this and then change their mind and want to leave and/or do something else. The for-profit element of One Community is purposed to provide duplicable revenue streams that help all three of these group while also helping share and spread teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities by demonstrating them as a progressive and profitable opportunity.

Q: If you are a team of people without debt, how do you intend to teach people with debt how to become free of debt?

Our goal is to clearly define as many of the variables as possible for creating a financially viable teacher/demonstration hub with a diversity of options for implementation to suit different demographics and budgets. The more One Community grows and expands, the more open source blueprints, tools, tutorials, and resources we will provide for others to duplicate our efforts. This is why we are focused on people joining the Pioneer Team that are financially stable, so we can focus 100% of our energy on open source creation for those that aren’t in such a fortunate position. This is also one of the reasons why we won’t move onto the property with any debt as an organization.

Q: If you are a non-profit organization, how do you intend to operate for-profit businesses too?

Any activities of One Community deemed by tax code and federal law to not be operable under our 501(c)3 status will be operated under a separate for-profit corporate entity.

Q: Will one community ever pay any of its members?

One Community’s #1 financial priority is expansion and our global goals. If we are accomplishing expansion and these goals successfully, and a 100% consensus of the membership agrees that distribution of funds is warranted and will not in any way compromise these goals, then distributions can be made.


One Community