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Jah Sun “Mathematics” Song Lyrics and Video

Jah Sun “Mathematics” produced by Heavy Roots is a song about Math as the “fundamental and the foundation to build a greater over standing.” Provided straight from Jah Sun, and by request for my 7-year old son who loves this song, here are the lyrics and video.

Thank you Jah Sun for your personal response and this great song!

Jah Sun “Mathematics” Video

Jah Sun “Mathematics” Lyrics


Mathematics the fundamental and the foundation to build a greater over standing

From Osirus straight to Solomon it is the knowledge of the ancient kings

The true power in the arc of the covenant, protected by 2 cherubims

From Kemet to the Kabbalah, Nyabinghi order, mercaba straight to the I Ching


1 – That’s the singular, that evloves from seed to star, journeys from the infinite near to the infinite far

2 – That’s duality perceived as reality existing in a plane between triumph and tragedy

3 – That’s trinity matter, ether and frequency, and when it turns flesh spirit manifest physically

4 – For the corners of a world thats round, that will be reached by those who teach word power and sound

5 – Was symbolized by the pentagram, corrupted by man and meant to oppose the lamb

6 – Two triangles interlaced, two dimensional tetrahydron of king David

7 – For the chakras or the points of harmonics, or the notes in a major scale before the octave

8 – The infinity sign, forward to 9, that resembles the golden strain, the spiral in all things


Run come in and hold a vibe with the dreadlocks, my kind of reasoning is outside the box

Just like time can’t be defined by clocks, the known can never know the unknown, that’s the paradox

The brains limitation, and the minds imagination, in itself is a simple yet complex equation 

Creating the dichotomy, fact vs philosophy, to overstand dimension study fractal geometry 

In a quantum field, possibilities build, outside it is concealed, inside it is revealed

Coded in the strands of the double helix, through the flower of life, isotropic vector matrix


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