Justen Palmer

Justen Palmer

Systems Architect, Web Instructor and Computer Science Engineer, Experienced Aquaponics Designer, and Serial Entrepreneur: Justen has over 6 years of experience starting and growing businesses as a founder and CTO of Webceleb Inc, partner and lead developer for Tiny Factory, and Director of Operations for It Factor LLC. Justen’s specialty is as a web application designer and programmer using cutting edge real-time technology (Node.js, Socket.io, and Mongo DB) to build applications that span traditional web to mobile and tablet platforms. These applications reduce overhead, organize operations, and reduce communication errors. In his spare time Justen enjoys designing and experimenting with aquaponics systems, building educational games, and drawing plans for a plethora of new and innovative problem solving systems and products.

Beyond web applications, Justen also has experience strategizing solutions for problems in industries from marketing and entertainment to finance and operations. His solutions have been implemented by a variety of organizations which include a radio station in Las Vegas and a mayoral campaign in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Justen has a thorough and innovative analytical approach that he uses to solve difficult challenges and he brings this approach and his passion for system design and problem solving to One Community as we continue to evolve and apply our purpose of designing, building and spreading self-sustaining communities around the world.


Justen has 6 years of software architecture and development of applications experience. Combining this experience with strict attention to detail, Justen has evolved a design framework with over a dozen versions into a powerful, enterprise solution for real-time mobile/tablet/web applications. He has built applications in healthcare, education, transportation, media industries, and is currently applying himself to educational games for adults and children and the soon to be open source One Community accountability, progress, and sustainability tracking application. Justen has also spent the last 2 years teaching web development at Platt College and is currently on the Board of Advisors.


Justen’s software design and development skills and experience has also been the foundation of 6 years of entrepreneurial growth and experience in media, education, entertainment and beyond. As an entrepreneur Justen has added to his skill set even more with experience raising funds, developing business and marketing strategies, building new and diverse products, growing clients, and expanding operations. Justen is currently in the final development stages of an educational application, a recreational application, and a marketing application.


Justen has spent 2 years applying his passion for system design and problem solving to the research and development of aquaponics systems. He has built 4 working variations of aquaponics systems with low-energy draw technologies, developed a one pump fill-timer system that scales and produces dense, abundant growth, and enjoys the year-round home-grown vegetable production his aquaponics systems provide for him.