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Partner Application for Manual Submission

We’re sorry our online form didn’t work for you. To submit the same form manually, please CLICK HERE to open an email to, copy the questions below into the open email, and add your replies in a different color or bold.


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1.) How did you hear about One Community?


2.) Are you applying as a for-profit or nonprofit organization or an individual?


3.) Please tell us about you, your product, service, idea, etc. and how you see this contributing to what we are creating?


4.) Looking at our Creating Win-Win Relationships Page, what specific components of our project are you most interested in contributing to? Also, if you wish to help and contribute by volunteering time to one or more of these components, how much time is realistic for you?


5.) As we seek a win-win relationship with you, how can we help you in return? What are your desires from One Community (promotion, networking, collaboration, a place to demonstrate a product / idea / methodology, or other motivation)?


6.) Do you understand and agree that everything you contribute to One Community will be used as part of our goals to open source and free-share everything we create with the world? How do you see what you wish to contribute to One Community fitting in with this?


7.) If there were one question we should ask you as an expert in your field, what question would that be?


8.) What would you say the top 5 values are for you and/or your company? (“A” being the highest)


9.) Is there anything else we should know, or that you’d like to share?


10.) If you have one, please attach your Resumé, CV, Brochure, etc. in PDF or Word Document format.


Thank you for completing our form. Please email it to us at Once we receive your information, you will get an e-mail response from us within 72 hours. If you don’t, please send your information again and/or follow up using our Contact Us page.