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One Community Satellite Member Invitation

Thank you for your interest in One Community! This page is for those who are interested in becoming someone that works with us virtually only, also known as a Satellite Member. Like Pioneers, Satellite Members participate fully in all One Community creative processes including:

There are two primary differences between a Satellite Member and a One Community Pioneer. Satellite Members are not required to participate in weekly calls and they will not be moving to the property and/or owning or living on the property and therefore do not need to meet any of the property related requirements. They are also not a part of any property-related decisions.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Pioneer who moves onto the property, please fill out the Community Pioneer Invitation. If you are interested in helping on the weekends or partnering with One Community as a partner, consultant, or provider of technology or resources, please complete the One Community Consultant/Volunteer Form.




We see One Community as a template and prototype for addressing global food, housing, and energy needs, increasing global happiness, and ultimately establishing a new Golden Age of creativity, collaboration, and peace. We are an elite team building a bridge between pragmatism and idealism by open sourcing and free-sharing duplicable self-sufficient village plans that demonstrate a more fulfilled and enjoyable way of living that is also sustainable. Our intent in building this bridge is to redefine the global sustainability industry while creating something accessible to all people and adaptable to fit every kind of lifestyle, so that it becomes self-replicating and exponentially multiplies. Our goals are lofty, so we suggest you read this entire invitation and familiarize yourself with our mindset before beginning to complete it because the approach of this first model, and the requirements of the initial team who will build it, are significantly more specific than we expect almost any future model to be.

  1. Please only apply if you agree and are ready to adhere to our Policies and Procedures
  2. Please only apply if you consider yourself accountable, responsible, and possessing applicable skills
  3. Please open the One Community Agreement of Understanding and complete it before and/or while filling out the invitation form below
  4. Please be excited to invest a minimum of 10 hrs/week helping with this phase of creation (Click Here for the Contribution Details Page)


  1. CONSIDERATION: We’re making the decisions on who will join us in our world-changing organization and global vision and mission based on just a few interviews and this form. The people we choose to be a part of our team effects the energy of how we all work together and collaborate as well as how we show up to the public. With this in mind, this application is long, really long. Please put aside some significant time so you can answer all these questions to the best of your ability.

  2. We consider this form as much for the individual completing it as it is for us. With this in mind, we suggest you read the whole form first, exploring included links for more information, and really reflecting upon what is being asked and why before deciding to complete it.

  3. If you are an applying couple, please do not collaborate when answering these questions. Each of us possesses our own beauty and insight. For the purposes of this form, we’d like to get a clear idea of who YOU are, where YOU are coming from, and where YOU want to go.


Please copy the questions below into an e-mail or Word Document (PLEASE NO PDFs), type your answers IN A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN THE QUESTIONS so they stand out, and email them to Sara at ONECOMMUNITYHOSPITALITY@GMAIL.COM. Please Include:

  4. If you haven’t already, please click here to complete the One Community Agreement Form

(Note: You won’t hear from us until we receive both the Community Agreement form and Invitation.)

Full Name (& Nickname if you prefer one):
Complete Address and TIMEZONE:
Primary Phone:
Alternate Phone:
Skype Name:
Facebook Page:
Website(s) (if applicable):
Birthday (M/D/Yr):
Current Occupation:

1. How did you hear about One Community?

2. Are you aware, and do you agree to the terms, that becoming a Satellite Member DOES NOT make you automatically eligible to later become a Community Member who lives on the property?


3. Please provide two references (name, phone, relationship)?

4. Have you:
Read and understood the guidelines for applicants at the top of this invitation page: Yes or No
Completed the One Community Agreement Form: Yes or No
Attached your picture and resume/CV: Yes or No
Completed additional family questions if applicable: Yes or No or N/A

5. Please write 2-3 paragraphs about why are you interested in helping in the creation of One Community.

6. Please click here to read the One Community  Intentional Community pledge. What are your thoughts and feelings about this pledge? How would you feel about using and participating in this pledge?


7. What are your values, what is most important to you? List 12 things in order of importance, number 1 being most important.

Please write 2-3 paragraphs about how you would apply these values within One Community towards the current socio-political, governmental, and environmental issues in the world?

8. Please write a MINIMUM of 2-3 paragraphs about the skills, gifts and/or talents you bring to One Community including formal education, trade skills, artistic skills, musical talent, etc. Please be thorough:

9. How would you rate your ability to research solutions, organize diverse information, and design and implement a working strategy?

10. How do you see yourself contributing to where we are in our process right now? and/or who we are looking for?

11. What are your long-term life goals? How do you see yourself contributing to our process of achieving our long-term goals?

12. What motivates you? What types of incentives do you enjoy? Please describe the type of benefits or “compensation” you are looking for, if any, because of contributing to One Community.

13. Describe any part of what we are creating that you don’t want to be a part of and why.


Highest Good of All, Communication, Community, Contribution, Diversity, Empowerment,
Freedom, Honesty and Integrity, Love and Connection, Fulfilled Living,
Open Source Progress, Personal Growth and Spirituality, and Sustainability

(see also: Highest Good of All Page)

14. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Highest Good of All?”

15. In your opinion, how does ‘what is good for an individual’ relate to ‘what is in the Highest Good of All’? Can both be accomplished simultaneously?

16. How do you see yourself handling a situation where the preference of you or another individual does not align with what is in the best interests of the community or the Highest Good of All?

(see also: Communication Page)

17. Please describe your communication skills and experience, including strengths versus weaknesses.

18. When a disagreement with someone arose, how have you traditionally handled it?

19. What are your thoughts on using our conflict resolution process and feedback format?

(see also: True Community Page)

20. What does ‘Community’ mean to you? Please explain any past experiences you have had as a member of a community.

21. When you think about the world community, what are your thoughts about the ways in which we might become extinct and/or the ways in which we might thrive and prosper? Please discuss one or two examples.

22. What comes to your mind when thinking about participating in a community founded on necessity and/or one based on possibility/solution based thinking? Why?

23. Please indicate which, if any, of the following things are large investments of your time and/or your perspective:

New World Order Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.56.10 PM Alien Invasion Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.56.10 PM Asteroid Impact(s) Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.56.10 PM Atmospheric Collapse
Chemtrails Financial Collapse Government Intervention Gov. Mind-control
HAARP Killer Bees Polar Shift Radiation Poisoning
The Rapture The Ring of Fire Societal Collapse Solar Flares


Please explain how you believe One Community could/should specifically prepare for anything you indicated above or any other similar concerns you may have:

(see also: Tangible Contribution Page)

24. What is important to you about contributing to something greater than yourself? What do you see as your greatest contribution thus far to the world?

25. Explain your feelings and behaviors regarding hard work, pragmatism, and accountability:

26. One Community is founded on a social model of contribution and collaboration built specifically on tangible contribution. Do you foresee any problems participating in this and if so, why?

(see also: Diversity Page)

27. Do you think it is important to work with people of a similar age and background, who think and act similarly, or with people with a diversity of ideas, views, and talents? Why?

28. Explain the differences in impact that may occur for a diverse group of people creating One Community versus a group of similar people (age, ethnicity, lifestyle, background, profession, etc.)

29. What is the most diverse environment(s) you have ever participated in? How have you stepped out of your personal “box” and experienced something completely different?

(see also: Consensus Decision Making and Our Current Path to Consensus)

30. Describe your ideal system of leadership and how do you fit into it?

31. What do you feel comfortable with in terms of people making decisions for you and/or being a fair and equal part of the decision making process?

32. What comes to mind when thinking about a community with a set of rules with specific consequences when broken and/or suggested guidelines with community discussion and adaptation when needed?

(see also: Freedom Page)

33. What is your idea of how best to support personal freedom for yourself and others?

34. What, if any, aspects of other people make you uncomfortable or unable to be yourself?

35. Please answer and explain your answers to the following:

  1. Do you have any issues with other political views from your own?
  2. Do you have any issues or deep-seated beliefs regarding a specific gender or race?
  3. Do you have issues with allowing everyone to have their own spiritual beliefs?
  4. Do you have issues with open relationships or polyamory?
  5. Do you have any issues with LGBT?
  6. Do you have issues with the choice of nudity?

(see also: Honesty & Integrity Page and the One Community Feedback Page)

36. What is your preferred method of feedback? How do you feel about honest and direct feedback and why?

37. Share one of your biggest life learnings about honesty and integrity?

38. How do YOU know when something is in integrity?

(see also: Love and Community Page)

39. What do you feel about being emotionally safe and/or keeping your heart open? How do you accomplish one, the other, or both currently?

40. In 1-3 paragraphs please answer the following: What is ‘self love?’ What is your relationship with yourself like right now? Give an example of your ‘self-talk’, something you say to yourself about yourself? How do you feel about the words “I love you” in your life right now? How do you see love of self and/or love of others relating to building One Community?

41. What do you think about hiding feelings to protect someone and/or sharing feelings? Which do you practice? Are these equally loving approaches? Why?

42. What would you suggest has been your greatest contribution thus far to increasing planetary love and connection?

(see also: A Day in the Life Page)

43. How do you relate to thinking and/or being?

44. What is fulfilled living? What is your favorite example of practicing fulfilled living?

(see also: Open Source Page)

45. How do you feel about our open source model and strategy and why?

46. Knowing we have specific goals to develop, diversify, and open source (free) share everything we create, is there anything you believe should NOT be shared freely with the world? If so, why?

47. Do you understand and agree that everything you contribute to One Community will be used as part of our goals to endlessly open source and free-share everything we create with the world? Please explain your answer.

(see also: Culture of Growth and Spirituality Page)

48. What would you say your life and/or spiritual philosophy is? Please explain how this personal philosophy relates to all other life and spiritual philosophies.

49. What are the three top things you would like to see improvement or change in your own personal growth? For each one, please also list one or two ideas of how you see One Community helping in your growth.

(see also: Sustainability Page)

50. What does sustainability mean to you?

51. When making decisions, what is your preferred approach to addressing short term, long-term, personal, communal, local and global impacts?

52. What, if anything, are you doing in your life currently to live/become sustainable?


53. Please name your most influential:
● Books (Title and Author Please):
● People:
● Movies, documentaries, or other visual media productions (youtube, etc.):
● Life Experience:

54. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your readiness to be a Satellite Member with One Community? If it is less than 10, please describe the reasons you may not be ready:

55. With your current exposure to the website, and having answered all these questions, do you feel you have a clear understanding of what One Community is all about and where we are going? If ‘no,’ what pieces could we provide more clarity on? Also please add anything else you would like to share or that we should know:


As the final step, please be sure you also read and sign the One Community Pledge below. To do this, just include it with your interest form and type your name and “yes I agree” at the bottom. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the pledge, please include those as well.



As members of One Community, and being the change we wish to see in the world, we pledge to do our best, and give and receive feedback, on practicing One Community’s definition and application of the following values and associated questions:

~ The Highest Good of All ~ 

We agree to living and creating for The Highest Good of All. This is our highest value and includes seeking collaborative solutions that embrace diverse perspectives and create win-win-win solutions for individuals, groups, and the planet. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we best align this decision with all of our values?
  • How can we create the most “winning” situations for all involved and/or affected?
  • How can we make this decision even more solution-focused, coming from loving, and designed for maximum positive impact?

~ Open Source Progress ~

We agree to forwarding Open Source contribution to global progress. This includes freely sharing our ideas, creations, and concepts with our fellow humans and making what we share as easy as possible to duplicate and modify. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we make this even easier for others to duplicate?
  • How can we make this even easier for others to customize/modify?
  • How can we make this even easier for others to also contribute collaboratively to it?

~ Sustainability ~

We agree to living in a manner that is Sustainably Sustainable. This includes living in a proactive, regenerative, coexisting manner that supports cooperation, longevity, responsibility, and conservation by open-mindedly considering the short and long-term effects of our decisions on us as individuals, on One Community, and on our planet and all its life forms. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

~ Communication ~

We agree to use effective Communication. This includes using ownership language, regular giving and receiving of feedback, seeking to understand and then be understood, and proactive, open, and timely responses. In decision making with One Community, this means committing to also asking ourselves and others the following four key questions:

~ Community ~

We agree to consciously co-create True Community. This includes cooperative creation for The Highest Good of All while being our most loving, open, and authentic selves, honoring others, and supporting constant growth in ourselves and each other. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can this promote and help create True Community even more?
  • How can this be even more inclusive and considerate of all One Community members?
  • How can this be even more inclusive and considerate of all members of our global Community?

~ Consensus/Decision Making ~

We agree to effectively and positively contribute to the decision making process. This includes asking all of the questions in this pledge with a commitment to equality, open and respectful communication, and creative solutions in a maximally empowered and effective group creative process. We have read and understand One Community’s Path to Consensus page, the Consensus Decision Making page, and the Large-scale Consensus page and know consensus requires specific training and screening and agree to attend this training before becoming a part of the consensus process on the property. In decision making with One Community, we ask ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we make this decision making process even more efficient and effective for all?
  • How can we ensure all viewpoints have been fully expressed, heard, and addressed while still moving forward?
  • How can we step outside of personal preferences to use One Community’s values and Highest Good of All thinking even more?

~ Contribution ~

We agree to a commitment of Contribution. This includes, on the most basic level, being responsible for a minimum of 5 tangible weekly hours plus weekly team calls now (calls are optional for Satellite Members), and 40 weekly hours once we are on the property (doesn’t apply to Satellite Members). Related to our global goals, this means sustaining and growing One Community and our ever-evolving tools, tutorials, trainings, and Highest-Good-living example to help humanity become a sustainable civilization. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we make this more fun/easier/inviting so others want to contribute to it too?
  • How can this positively contribute even more to our local community AND our sustainability and global goals?
  • How can this maximize both my individual and our collective contribution efforts so that they positively affect the big picture even more?

~ Diversity ~

We agree to supporting Diversity. This includes celebrating the beautiful individuality of ourselves and others, focusing on learning from each other, appreciating each other, and co-creating a better future for everyone. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can we think “outside of the box” even more both individually and as an organization?
  • How can this move forward the diversity of all of our core organizational values and our team even more?
  • How can we create and open source share in a manner that will serve and be even more adaptable to diverse cultures, applications, and perspectives?

~ Freedom ~

We agree to uphold Freedom. This includes promoting and respecting personal freedom, individuality, and/or freedom of expression (including the right for non-participation), recognizing that our experiences and perceptions create our personal viewpoints and opinions, and acknowledging and respecting the perceptions of others. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following four key questions:

  • How can we transcend ideologies even more in this case?
  • How can this also respect people’s rights not to participate?
  • How can we ensure this allows every group’s ability to thrive/succeed/create change?
  • Does this respect the freedom of an individual to choose while also supporting the Purpose, Mission, Vision, and other values of One Community?

~ Fulfilled Living ~

We agree to create Fulfilled Living. This includes contributing our skills and the power of our thoughts and creativity to consciously share perspectives and approaches that are positive, empowering, uplifting, and solution-oriented so they enrich and improve the shared environment and collaborative process for everyone. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can this move us towards growth and possibilities even more?
  • How can this enrich the environment or situation even more for us and others?
  • How can this enhance the holistic synergy of ALL aspects of fulfilled Highest Good of All living, even more.

~ Honesty and Integrity ~

We agree to practice Honesty and Integrity. This includes telling the truth, demonstrating maximum responsibility for our own actions and decisions, thinking and acting positively and proactively, and consciously choosing how we respond to things. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following two key questions:

  • How can I demonstrate maximal responsibility and integrity in this situation?
  • How can we create even more proactive and conscientious outcomes for, or movement towards, a better future for all?

~ Love and Connection ~

We agree to approach the living experience from a perspective of Loving. This includes positively and proactively interacting with each other and the world, honoring other people’s feelings, developing our own self-love, and using love as a guidance system. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following three key questions:

  • How can this come even more from a for The Highest Good of All perspective?
  • How can this be accomplished with even more compassion, empathy, and caring?
  • How can this be created from a place that is even more possibility-focused and loving for everyone?

~ Personal Growth and Spiritual Freedom ~

We agree to co-creating an environment with maximal Personal Development and Spiritual Freedom. This includes sharing our passions as both teachers and students, participating in the maintenance and evolution of an endlessly unfolding culture of personal growth, and exploring the Human Potential in ways that respects and celebrates all perspectives. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following five key questions:

  • How can we leverage and express the talents and skills of our group even more?
  • How can we demonstrate open-minded, Highest Good of All, free thinking even more?
  • Are we being conscious of all belief systems and acting and creating for maximum inclusiveness?
  • Are we respecting different perspectives and creating solutions for all, including non participants?
  • What is the best way to share the results as an open source resource for the growth of others and The Highest Good of All?

~ Conflict Resolution ~

We agree to maintain a positive and proactive environment. This includes timely, direct, and open communication and feedback using ownership language, asking questions to gain deeper understanding on an individual’s perspectives when differences arise, and using the One Community Conflict Resolution process if needed. In decision making with One Community, this means asking ourselves and others the following four key questions:

  • Is there an opportunity to use ownership language and/or the feedback format even more?
  • Who can we agree are the fewest, most relevant, and most appropriate people to resolve this?
  • What questions can I/we ask to gain deeper understanding on the individual’s/group’s perspectives?
  • How can I/we ensure all related communication/feedback is even more timely (as an issue arises), direct (with the person involved), and open (honest, thorough, cooperative, and specific)?

Welcome to One Community ~ A New Way to Live

To agree to the One Community Pledge, please type “Yes I agree”, along with your name, at the bottom of this page as your agreement to be held accountable, and to help hold all other One Community Members accountable, to this pledge and these goals of One Community.

Please paste your answers into an e-mail, or send them as a Word or Pages document (please no PDFs), to Be sure you remembered to use a different color for your answers, include your bio-page photo (preferably taken outdoors), completed the One Community Agreement Form, and also included the additional family questions linked to from Family Applicants Page (if applying as a parent). You will usually hear from us within 24-hours of receiving your form – if you haven’t heard from us within 3-5 days, please send it again.

Thank you for your interest in One Community – If you haven’t already, also please join our FaceBook Fan Page for regular updates on One Community and our progress.