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One Community is a unique and special place providing unparalleled opportunity and support for growth and abundance in all aspects of a person’s life. As such, it is important that we identify people who would be a good fit with our philosophy and our mission, vision and purpose.

Here is an outline of how the Sponsorship Program may work. The details will be decided by consensus before we officially launch it.


Once our basic food, energy, and living infrastructure is complete, consensus will decide on when Community Pioneers start sponsoring new members based on completed invitation forms. Once sponsored by an existing member, a person will be asked to go through a four step process: interview, invitation, trial period, and if all goes well, they will be granted full membership by the consensus of the existing Community Members. Until the person becomes a full member, they will be considered a “Guest.”


The interview stage is between the Guest and the community and consists of the Hospitality Team reviewing a Guest’s answers to the community invitation form, asking and answering questions everyone may have, and discussing details like housingcommunity work needs, etc. Consensus then decides if an invitation is extended to the Guest for a 2-4 week stay with One Community.


The invitation stage of becoming a Community Member is the opportunity for a Guest to get to know the community, and the community to get to know the Guest, on a more personal level. During the Guest’s invitation and trial period they are treated just like a Community Member with the only exception being that they are not full members of the consensus process and any conflicts and/or issues with the Guest are handled through and by their Sponsor first, and the community second, with the Sponsor fully responsible for the actions of their Guest. The community conducts two formal face-to-face interviews of the Guest during the invitation stage; one interview at the beginning of the Guest’s stay and one interview in the final few days of the stay. At the end of the Guest’s stay the community decides by consensus whether or not the guest is invited to become a part of the community on a trial basis.


The trial period for new Community Members is 3 months from the date they first become a part of the community and requires consensus to remove the new person from this point on. During the trial period, new members are not allowed to sponsor Guests or fully participate in the consensus process but they are treated as Community Members in every other way.


Welcome as a full Community Member! The person has been a full part of almost every aspect of One Community for months and now they are also part of the consensus process and can sponsor new Guests of their own. They won’t need to consider themselves family because they’ll feel it enough to know.


The top three expectations of all Community Members are community contribution, all aspects of The One Community Pledge, and contributing to One Community’s global transformation strategy. Take a look at the related pages for more information.