Open Source Collaboratives – One Community Weekly Progress Update #404

Open source collaboratives can transform our world through DIY-replicable sustainability solutions. One Community is creating the open source tools and tutorials to construct and coordinate a global cooperative of these as eco-villages. Here’s our project overview Here’s our world-change methodology… Read More

Better Living Through Regenerative Communities – One Community Weekly Progress Update #403

We can achieve better living through regenerative communities. We can build more affordable, longer-lasting homes that don’t contain toxic materials. We can grow food that is more nutritious and safer because it is fresher and not sprayed with poisons…. Read More

Helping People Create a Sustainable World – One Community Weekly Progress Update #401

One Community is helping people create a sustainable world through open source sustainability plans covering all aspects of sustainable living. They include food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economic design, social architecture, fulfilled living, global stewardship practices,… Read More

Path to a Sustainable Civilization – One Community Weekly Progress Update #400

Want to see what a path to a sustainable civilization looks like? Check out One Community’s open source plans for achieving a path to a sustainable civilization through a global cooperative of self-replicating eco-communities and teacher/demonstration hubs. Here’s… Read More

Addressing Social Inequality With Open Source Sustainability – One Community Weekly Progress Update #399

We’re building a model for addressing social inequality with open source sustainability. We’re doing this through open source plans and resources that cover everything from food and housing to education and economics. Together, these open source communities will… Read More