Widespread and Lasting Sustainability – One Community Weekly Progress Update #393

What does a blueprint for widespread and lasting sustainability look like? One Community’s vision is a global collaborative of self-replicating eco-communities working together for the “Highest Good” of all people and life on this planet. We’re creating the… Read More

Global Conservation Model – One Community Weekly Progress Update #392

One Community has spent the last 10 years creating an open source global conservation model. It covers all aspects of a sustainable civilization for the 21st century. Sustainable approaches to food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economic design, social architecture, fulfilled living, and global stewardship… Read More

Building DIY Sustainable Eco-villages – One Community Weekly Progress Update #390

One Community is about building DIY sustainable eco-villages that provide a better, healthier, and more enriching living experience. Our open source and free-shared designs include sustainable and “Highest Good” approaches to food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit… Read More

Addressing Climate Change With Local Solutions – One Community Weekly Progress Update #387

What if we were globally addressing climate change with local solutions? Would this be a better approach than the government-led approaches currently being used and promoted? One Community supports doing both and we’re leveraging our open sourcing and… Read More

Global Collaboration for the Highest Good of All – One Community Weekly Progress Update #385

Global collaboration for The Highest Good of All can create a sustainable world. Working together, we can simultaneously address the greatest challenges of this generation and the next while improving global happiness and living standards. One Community is… Read More

Ethical Cooperative Replication – One Community Weekly Progress Update #384

Ethical cooperative replication is about open sourcing and free-sharing everything needed to build a global collaborative of teacher/demonstration hubs working together for The Highest Good of All. One Community will be the first of these hubs and will include open source plans and… Read More