Agriculture Sustainability and Seeds – “The Gift,” A 3-Minute Film by Jean-Marc Abela

seeds of change, sustainable food, sustainable agriculture, eco-friendly, eco future, The Gift, seeds breaking throughWhen it comes to agriculture sustainability, seeds is where it all started – for human civilization and for our daily bread today. Yet so few people are saving seeds these days. Many of us do not even know what the seeds of the food we eat look like. Jean-Marc Abela created a short and beautiful video to share a perspective on seeds and on life itself. If you enjoy it, please help by sharing this and voting at the end of the film.


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The following short film was made about Dan Jason, a seed farmer on the West Coast of Canada, because for 25 years he’s been sharing an important message with the world: We have lost 93% of the seed variety in the last 100 years. Having varieties in our food crops offers our bodies the various nutrients we need. Using wheat as just one example, we’ve been eating an industrialized wheat that has been modified for maximum production, not for maximum health benefits, and we can now see the results in our health. But Dan grows about 20 varieties of wheat, many with low gluten levels and others with more resistance to pests and drought.

“Seeds are the most basic thing that we’ve got. Everybody has to eat. If we want to have a healthy planet with healthy people, we have to have good seeds.”

~ Dan Jason


Dan’s work and message – the focus of this short film – is one beyond just seeds and sustainable food: it is a message of creating a world where we can all feel comfortable because this world is based on a scale and pace of life that brings people peace, well-being, and happiness.

“The feeling I had being on Dan’s farm is hard to describe into words but everything about it felt right. Not only is it such a beautiful place, but the people who come and work with him, the community around it and the absolute beauty and awe that each plant has to share with us is simply magnificent.”

~ Jean-Marc Abela – Director of “The Gift”

What would a world look like where no one thought about the world of Monsanto and instead we immersed ourselves into the world of nature? What is possible when we return to our roots and our seeds and start to realize the very source of agriculture sustainability, food quality, and the living plants that are so essential to our survival and health?

Thank you Jean-Marc for a wonderful short film!

“All of Nature is doing her best each moment to make us well. She exists for no other end. Do not resist her.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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