Birth of the SEGO Center City Hub

The “Center of Peace” has evolved into the SEGO Center City Hub to represent the importance and function of this building in relation to our global change strategy, its relation to the 7 different sustainable village prototypes, and its intended purpose as a “launch point” for additional self-replicating sustainable teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities like One Community.

S.E.G.O. Center Origin

The name “sego” originated because one of our team was looking at 3-petaled flowers as we were searching for a new name and came across the sego lily and its likeness to the layout of the building:

sego lily, SEGO Center, SEGO Center inspiration, rebirth

The lily also represents “rebirth” and the sego lily is edible.

Building off of the “sego” name we came up with the SEGO acronym and attached it to “Center”:

S – Sustainably: Sustainability is one of the key foundations of what we are creating
E – Engaging: Our purpose is to engage the public and life itself with this model
G – Global: Affirming that our vision and purpose are global
O – Oneness: Affirming that our vision includes everyone and this building is about our “Oneness” as a foundation of living and creating for The Highest Good of All

Center: This building being the center of One Community and duplicable villages to be built around the world, and more specifically a “SEGO Center” specifically represents all of the above and we think these centers will be the first step for many duplicates to come after us that use our open source designs and may choose to keep the SEGO Center name.



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