Building Earth Homes: Earthbag Home Furniture Layout Possibilities for Pod 1

Pod one is the first of the seven different sustainable village models to be built because it is designed to demonstrate and teach building earth homes as one of the most affordable construction and living models available. It consists of sixty-four 150-200 square foot semi-subterranean earthbag hotel room styled cabanas built in pairs with a central sitting area designed for relaxation and growing a small shared garden.  Like a hotel or dorm room, each dome will consist of a bed, dresser(s), and a small sitting area and desk. Communal use bathrooms and showers will be within a short walk and will integrate recycling of all water and a combination vermiculture and traditional septic eco-friendly bathroom. These earth home bungalows will be heated by rocket mass heaters and kept cool via the semi-subterranean construction and passive cooling. Electricity and heat for all homes and the central tropical dome will be provided by solar (see energy infrastructure page).

Here are the layout drawings we just finished to demonstrate what building earth homes like this will look like with built-in furniture.

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Click Image to be Taken to the Earth Bag Village and Pod 1 Details Page


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