Free Education Resources and Open Source Sustainable Education Infrastructure

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Click Image for Our Free Education Resources Portal Page

One Community has been working for months on an open source education program for lifelong learning and providing free education resources, tools, tutorials, and lesson plans to anyone with a computer. Our goal with this program is to maximize real-world options for all participants and prepare anyone who’d like to participate to be leaders and influential contributors to what we believe is the beginning of a new golden age of innovation, collaboration, creativity, and people living and working together for The Highest Good of All.


This week we’ve finished the redesign of the education portal page that outlines the structure of what we’ve been working on and creating. Over the next few months we’ll be detailing and posting each of the 8 components listed below, complete with a link for suggestions and ideas and an open source on-line collaborative platform so we can evolve it even further and faster


Here is the outline and structure of the free education resources we have will be providing and evolving as part of One Community. Details for each of these can be found on the education portal page:

  • Foundations of Teaching and Communicating
  • Curriculum for Life – Birth through adult curriculum
  • Teaching Styles for Life – Education methods for all ages
  • Teaching Tools for Life – Engaging games and other teaching aids for all ages
  • Lesson Plans for Life – Specific lesson plans created from all of the above
  • Evaluation and Evolution – Collaborative “Growth Portfolio” creation and maintenance
  • The Ultimate Classroom – Open source classroom design details as we evolve them
  • Getting Licensed – Open source sharing of our process to create a licensed education program

If you’d like to follow our progress on this component and all the other developing aspects of One Community, please subscribe to our Facebook Updates Page.

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