Gaiacraft Permaculture

Gaiacraft is a group of dedicated individuals whose purpose is to bring natural permaculture and sustainablility back into the sphere of common knowledge.  Formed in 2002, they have been teaching workshops, courses and full certification classes, bringing our world closer to its original symbiotic relationship with nature.

They recently introduced a comprehensive introductory workbook, called the Gaiacraft Permaculture Workbook, which is a combination of handouts from years of permaculture classes taught by Delvin Solkinson, one of the founders of Gaiacraft.  This workbook is a veritable tomb of information on all aspects of permaculture from the conception philosophy to design tips for laying out your land.

Visionary portal SolPurpose recently sat down with Lunaya Shekina of Gaiacraft to speak about her feelings on permaculture and where permaculture is headed.  She offers many insights into where the global permaculture initiative is headed and many free resources for learning about permaculture and sustainability.

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Download the Gaiacraft Permaculture Workbook for Free!

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