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Guiding Beliefs

In addition to our Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values, One Community also has a series of guiding beliefs that we feel are additionally helpful in guiding our actions in relation to accountability, creating the future we believe is possible, how we interact with one another, the systems we are developing, and this bridge we are building between idealism and pragmatism for The Highest Good of All.

This page discusses these in the following sections:

  • Accountability for the Future
  • Creating the Future
  • Asset Based Approaches
  • Interconnected and Interdependent
  • Systems Versus Individuals
  • Always Practical
  • Honoring What Has Come Before Us



At One Community we view our work as the highest purpose life can hold – doing everything in our power to ensure an amazing place of living for The Highest Good of All that exemplifies beauty, love, growth, expression and spirituality for the world, our community, our children, our grandchildren, our children’s grandchildren and beyond.

We therefore hold ourselves accountable to each other, our community, humanity, and our planet for doing whatever we can to bring about this creation and this future for One Community first and then globally. We are clear in our purpose and in our vision and committed to the accomplishment of both as part of our personal and spiritual path of growth and evolution.


We know we are creating the future right now, so we choose to do so consciously.

Future Context for Today’s Actions

One Community is dedicated to being conscious of how today’s decisions may affect the future of all the individuals involved, as well as the community, the culture, and the world.

Moving Towards Vision vs. Moving Away From Problems

One Community’s decisions aim towards solution-based thinking and our vision for the future, rather than away from the negative realities of today. We encourage others (and remind ourselves) to avoid “avoidance approaches” and encourage the potential in others (and ourselves) to instead aim our efforts at identifying the deeper learning gained from our challenges and how these learnings contribute to the accomplishment of our purpose and better living and creating for The Highest Good of All.

Short Term Results vs. Long Term Impact

At One Community, the best decisions favor long-term contributions to our mission, our culture and our community over short-term expediency for One Community or any individual.


To build something amazing, we are building it upon a strong base. People and a co-creative spirit are our greatest assets and we know that our culture and our community has an abundance of gifts, talents and strengths upon which to build the future we envision. With this in mind, a celebration of diversity and clear, concise and heartfelt communication, both within our organization and with the world, are the foundation for accessing this abundance of resources contained within our culture and our community as we stay grounded and clear in our vision and purpose.

We are Passionate People with a Vision

One Community sees passion and vision as powerful assets and we create an environment for the expression of this energy and emotion through living for The Highest Good of Allopen source sharing of all we do, cooperation and collaboration, innovation and creativity, spiritual exploration and illumination, and personal and cultural expansion and expression. One Community is designed so that each individual is encouraged and rewarded to generously share his or her special gifts in helping to create, grow and empower One Community and our approach to facilitating world change.

The Wisdom of Collaboration

We encourage our community to draw on global collaborative wisdom and experience, acknowledging that most often the solutions already exist, waiting to be tapped.

Seeing All Our Resources and Gifts

One Community encourages our community and culture to see and express the abundance of resources they already have within, helping them identify ways to build upon that asset-base and share it with each other and the world.

The Assets of the Individual

In doing our own internal and individual work, One Community, as a culture, is mindful to share our gifts and seek methods of exportation. We encourage individuals throughout the community to use and build upon the gifts of one another and share their methodologies and philosophies to expand one of the greatest gifts we can share: the passion, creativity, and ingenuity of the group, as well as the individual, to co-create something beautiful.


We know that none of us exists in a vacuum – that individuals, organizations, communities, and countries are all interconnected and interdependent. None of us can create significant impact on our own; our potential is greatest when we work together.

Non-Competitive Approaches

At One Community, our approaches and actions discourage competition, as competition precludes working together with those who care about the same things we care about. We seek to do everything we do in a way that is as cooperative and open as possible, and we encourage others to do the same.

It’s Not About Us

One Community is a culture not a concept or an individual. The best decision will be the decision that provides the best end result for everyone. If it is not for The Highest Good of All, it is not good for One Community.

Community Joy

Any action taken by and at One Community will treat all parties involved with respect, compassion, generosity, humanity, honor and grace; all the while doing our best to create a joyful and fun environment for all to grow. Life is serious enough, so we strive to combat seriousness with playfulness as we achieve our dreams. A useful mantra is: If we aren’t having fun, why are we doing it?

Everyone Working Together

One Community encourages all strata of the Social Sector to work side by side, to share in each other’s wisdom, and effect greater change. One Community further encourages reaching beyond the sector, to ensure the whole community shares ownership of and responsibility for the “now” we are contributing to and the future we are creating.


We believe systems fail before individuals fail, and that blame is often mistakenly aimed at individuals rather than at faulty systems. We stand for a community of leaders and recognize that modifying non-working systems, rather than condemning proactive leadership, is the most empowering for the individual and the good of the whole.

Proactive Systems Aimed at Success

At One Community our approaches aim beyond individual people and individual symptoms by identifying the systemic roots of problems and working to change the system in place by utilizing all “problems” as feedback for improved systems for The Highest Good and Benefit of All.

Sustainability vs. Fear of Survival

One Community’s efforts focus on building comprehensive sustainability and growth into the community and culture’s systems; this prevents the on-going concern for short-term survival that prevents individuals, families and collectives from focusing on and creating for The Highest Good and of All. The community is designed to create an environment of maximum potential and growth because basic survival needs are provided for from the start.

Programs with Lasting Impact

Because the purpose of One Community’s community and culture is global transformation, each venture undertaken is designed with a ‘prototype mentality’ for duplicable results and constant attention to increased efficiency and ease.


We know that people become engaged when they believe change is possible, and when they believe their individual actions can indeed bring about that change. We further know that without practical tools for accomplishing those tasks, individuals are likely to downplay their vision for the future as little more than a dream.

Simple Solutions

As One Community presents practical approaches for creating the future of our world, we are always mindful to ensure those approaches can easily be understood and adopted by average people in normal environments. We are also mindful of developing and presenting usable and easy-to-understand templates and approaches to model that, to the best of our ability, do not require hiring outside consultants to figure out how to implement them. We also create the relationships so that we can direct people to knowledgable and like-minded help and consulting when consultation is necessary.

Go Where the Work is Being Done

For the greatest likelihood of success, every individual in the community must be aware of his/her potential for creating significant impact. One Community will therefore make its work as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible.

Always Learning

And finally, because the community is designed to be infinitely diverse and constantly growing and evolving, we always encourage a culture of on-going learning through participation and sharing of ideas, for ourselves, for community members, and for the much larger community called “Humanity” that we all serve.


At One Community, we also recognize that we are pulling from the vision and work of thousands of amazing projects and people, and we are humbled and grateful to be able to synthesize it all into a living model of large-scale, comprehensive sustainability. We give our thanks to the hard work and genius of so many who have worked toward this goal for so many decades, knowing that without their pioneering vision and courage, none of this would be possible.