Together we are an ocean

Organizations Collaborating for the Highest Good

This is our page listing organizations collaborating for what we call “The Highest Good of All.” We define this collaborative group as any and all organizations sharing our solution-based thinking approach and/or specifically helping us in our mission to demonstrate and open source free-share all that we are creating to provide non-profit leadership and a blueprint for global transformation and living for The Highest Good of All. One Community’s association with each of these organizations is listed in their description. 




The Transition, One Community Partner

Build a Hybrid RBE Community Now (Open Facebook Group)

Build a Hybrid RBE Community Now is an open Facebook group that shares information on “Using a hybrid money/no-money SHARING lifestyle to transition to a no-money world.” Their approach to doing this is a philosophy that while we are still in a money system, and we still need to use some money now for many things, we do not need money later and we do not need to use money between members. The Build a Hybrid RBE Community Now Facebook group organizes around this principle and helps those interested organize with each other. One Community and Build a Hybrid RBE Community Now communicate and share information and resources weekly (and sometimes daily) in our progress toward this shared goal.

Auroville Earth Institute, One Community Partner

Auroville Earth Institute (Richard)

Richard has been working to become a master builder using compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEB) and is affiliated with the Auroville Earth Institute through his teacher Sat Prem (Auroville’s founder). Richard is also a part of the Instituto Tierra y Cal (ITyC), a group developing the technologies of aquifer replenishment and rainwater harvesting, permaculture, organic agriculture, and energy harvesting. Richard has said he will help us with earth blocks and the earth block design specifics of the Compressed Earth Block Village (Pod 4) when we are ready.

Century Farm Orchards, One Community partner


Century Farm Orchards is a small, century-long (thus the name) family owned and operated nursery specializing in old southern apples. Helping to preserve apples that were once widely grown in the United States from the 1600’s to the early 1900’s, David’s farm now offers many apples that cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world. More specifically, Century Farm Orchards is one of only two recipients of the Lee Calhoun apple collection of rare heirloom apples. The Calhoun apples offer a tremendous variety in taste, texture, and use that is no longer available in most stores and One Community is excited to partner with Century Farm Orchards as the provider of all of the apple trees that we will be growing in Walipini 2 as part of our Phase I food infrastructure and botanical garden model. Their focus is on quality over quantity and we are extremely happy to collaborate with and support Century Farm Orchards and the Calhoun apple legacy by doing our part to enhance public awareness, knowledge, and propagation of the amazing heirloom apple trees Century Farm Orchards provide.

Community Planet, One Community partner

The Community Planet Foundation (Jack)

From The Community Planet Foundation Website: “The new paradigm can only be created by a group of people who come from a loving place inside themselves, absolutely hold the consciousness of The Highest Good of All, and have the vision to bring that into manifestation. People need to see that there is another way, that we don’t have to continue doing the separation that has bred this everyone-for-themselves approach that has been in place unquestioned for thousands of years. People need to see a Community of people who adopt a way of living together and relating together in Community on the principle of The Highest Good of All. When people see the quality of life and the ecological balance that is possible, they will also want to learn the consciousness and the form it takes to do that, and this is what will ultimately transform the planet.” One Community is purposed to demonstrate exactly that and The Community Planet Foundation is helping us through information sharing, trainings, and any other support they can provide to help us all achieve our shared vision for the betterment of the entire human organism.

Creative Crafthouse, One Community Partner

Creative Crafthouse (David)

Creative Crafthouse is a family business and home of one of the largest selections of handcrafted wood brain teaser mind-bender puzzles in the world. We have partnered with Creative Crafthouse to incorporate their puzzles into our education program as fun ways to teach math, logic, creativity, problem solving, social skills and cooperation, and more. As part of their partnership with One Community, Creative Crafthouse has also pledged to work with us in bringing to market our own educational puzzles and toys as we develop them. They have also created a 10% discount code for anyone associated with One Community. (just enter coupon code: ONECOMMUNITY)

Dome Incorporated, One Community Partner

Dome Incorporated (Blair)

Dome Incorporated and Blair Wolfram have partnered with One Community to build the Duplicable City Center. Blair has been building geodesic domes since 1982 and will have completed over 500 domes by the end of this year. His company provides engineering, blueprints, site plans, and even the cut lines so people can make their own panels. He has the experience and infrastructure for shipping domes anywhere in the world and has completed engineering for his standard domes that meet the extreme 150 mph hurricane wind requirements in coastal Florida as well as the worst urban snow load conditions of 120 psf in Buffalo, NY.

Earthen Hand, One Community partner

Earthen Hand Natural Building (Scott)

Earthen Hand Natural Building was founded by Scott in 2002 with the goals to create amazing earthen structures and empower people by training them in natural building practices. Scott has an amazing portfolio and offers through his company educational courses in earthen architecture as well as services in sustainable building design, consultation, and construction. With a shared commitment to moving the sustainability industry forward and producing open source content, One Community and Scott will be collaborating to provide sustainable building classes on a diversity of sustainable building techniques and topics.

Emily's Quotes, One Community Partner

EmilysQuotes (Vitali)

EmilysQuotes is a web-site dedicated to the popular inspirational quotes. Their goal is to create and online-share beautiful and attractive quote images on a daily basis because “we believe that it helps most people to stay in a good mood and have a wonderful day. Sharing positive quotes is like sharing happiness, it allows many of us to deal with difficult situations, to gain hope and wisdom and to be kind.” J.K Rowling said it this way, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” We couldn’t agree more, so One Community is working in conjunction with EmilysQuotes to help promote the site and share these messages and quotes as part of our social media outreach associated with sharing our Open Source and Highest Good creation components.

The Evolver Network, One Community Partner

The Evolver Network (Magenta)

The Evolver Network‘s mission is to provide a platform for positive transformation of the self and community through education, celebration, and co-creation. The grand vision of the Evolver Social Movement is to create an international alternate social structure of evolvers who share their talents, resources, wisdom, and passions in building a better, more equitable world. They promote and support an emerging value system that is sustainable, full of meaning, and founded on human connection. Their focus is representing a community that appreciates the magical aspects of life and cultivates a visceral connection to the natural world. As a One Community partner, Evolver and One Community are working together to promote a sustainable planet of happier and more conscious and conscientious people through collaborative sharing, education, and promotion.

The Free World Charter

The Free World Charter (Colin)

The Free World Charter is a statement of principles that has the potential to optimize life on Earth for all species, eradicate poverty and greed, and advance progress. Neither political nor religious, The Free World Charter provides ten short principles capable of “forming the foundation of a new, advanced society that uses no money, is free, fair and sustainable.” The principles are based solely on nature, common sense, and survival. Put forth as “a logical progression out of the failing mechanisms of today’s society, and a natural step in our evolution,” One Community has partnered with The Free World Charter to help promote each other’s messages because we are both organizations with clear missions focused on The Highest Good of All and global sustainability.

GoodSearch, GoodShop

Goodshop and Goodsearch (Rachel)

Goodshop is a free and easy way to support over 60,000 different non-profits (click here to support One Community). For every purchase made at thousands of online stores like Amazon, Apple, E-bay, or Sears, Goodshop will donate up to 20% of your purchase to the non-profit of your choice, at no cost to you! They also offer tons of deals and coupons so you can save on electronics from Best Buy and crafts from Michael’s all while supporting good causes. If that’s not enough, they also donate money to non-profits when you use their search engine, if you choose to take surveys through them, dine through them, and even play games through them. All of this goes to good causes and none of it costs the consumer anything. One Community is happy to partner with Goodsearch and Goodshop as an option for people who want to help raise money for our cause through their regular online searching and purchasing.


Green New World (Samuel)

Green New World assists in the transition of society by providing services in holistic sustainable living designs and solutions that focus on holistic water systems, renewable energy systems, holistic food production, holistic residential designs and ecological zero waste solutions. Currently Green New World is working on the House of Peace also known as the HOPE Project which aspires to create a model for holistic sustainable housing. HOPE represents the convergence of integrated holistic design into a single model home to bring together earth architecture, holistic water treatment and conservation, alternative energy integration, natural and ecological climate regulation, ecological sewage processing and the wellbeing of its inhabitants. Every material and system used in this home is evaluated to minimize the ecological impact as well as promote the health and wellbeing of its inhabitants. One Community is collaborating with Green New World on water systems and sewage systems design and the components of the earthbag village.

Hestia home biogas, One Community Partner

Hestia Home Biogas (Warren)

Hestia Home Biogas offers home biogas digesters, complete do-it-yourself plans for construction with classes on operation and setup, as well as biogas peripherals such as cooktops, pumps, heaters and electric generators. Biogas and anaerobic digestion is an important part of a sustainable future for generating 100% natural, clean-burning energy, improving human health through pathogen reduction and odor control and sustainable agriculture by producing high-quality nitrogen-rich fertilizer and soil amendment that can replace inorganic fertilizers. One Community will be working with Warren and Hestia Home Biogas to help spread correct information about biogas use and setup through our open source model while providing real-world examples through exploration of its application starting with Pod 1.

Imagine Wisdom Education, One Community Partner

Imagine Wisdom Education – I WE (Satyanna)

The mission of Imagine Wisdom Education (IWE) is to offer a loving and enriching education that nurtures children to realize their greatest potential. Learners ask: “Who am I, what are my gifts, and how can I contribute?” This discovery of the self serves as a transforming catalyst, turning play into the pursuit of wholeness and peaceful leadership, because I-WE feels children learn best when they are known, explore their passions, and engage all their senses. As a One Community collaborative partner, I-WE’s founder Satyanna will be visiting the property and living with us for a couple weeks to help with additional teacher training and incorporation of I-WE principles and methodologies into our One Community Open Source and Transformational Education Program.

Natural Building Blog, Earth Bag Building, One Community partner | (Dr. Geiger & Kelly Hart)

Dr. Owen Geiger (Ph.D. in Social and Economic Development) is the former Director of Builders Without Borders and an author, engineer and licensed contractor specializing in sustainable construction. Kelly Hart is the host of and has built his own home using the earthbag technique and produced a video about it titled “Building with Bags: How We Made Our Experimental Earthbag/Papercrete House.” Together Dr. Geiger and Kelly operate the three amazing sites above dedicated to earthbag structures and the sharing of information about natural building. Partnering with these two amazing contributors to the forward movement of sustainable building to help each other share and promote its evolution is a natural and obvious win-win-win relationship that One Community is grateful to be a part of.

One Community Partner, Open Source Ecology

Open Source Ecology (Marcin)

Open Source Ecology is a network of farmers, engineers, and supporters creating The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS), an open technological platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts. They are without a doubt the #1 company in the world sharing our One Community open source values and goals and we are happy to partner with them in our mutual goal to teach and empower the evolving Do-it-yourself Maker Culture capable of transcending artificial scarcity. As we develop and share our open source blueprints for food, energy, and housing, we will also be building with their blueprints and guidance as many of the machines we need as possible, and are happily already helping to promote each others success as we work together facilitating the on-going global shift.

P2S. One Community Partner

P2S Engineering (Aravind and James)

P2S Engineering is a full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy, commissioning and technology engineering firm. Excelling in sustainable building models P2S has demonstrated excellence in designing a number of green buildings that employ efficient systems, renewable power sources, minimize natural resources and offer reduced operation and maintenance costs. With 50% of their technical staff as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals, P2S maintains a firm-wide passion to provide sustainable solutions and expertise in high-performance green building projects. P2S is helping One Community by applying their extensive sustainable experience to create a sustainable design for the Duplicable City Center.

Plumbers Without Borders Logo

Plumbers Without Borders (Carm and Dom)

Plumbers Without Borders is a Seattle-based grass-roots organization, started by 2 retired Seattle plumbers and their wives to connect and mobilize the abundant pro-bono expertise of plumbers and industry leaders in every community, to be applied towards increasing access to safe water and sanitation. PWB is building an online network of volunteer plumbers and nonprofit organizations and their projects (like ours), committed to water and sanitation projects. The ultimate goal is to improve global public health by tapping into all available local and global resources within the plumbing and mechanical communities. Resources include fieldwork assistance, consultations, design planning, education, training, in-kind donations of materials and services. They collaborate with non-profit partners and corporate sponsors with a strong culture of social responsibility and technological innovations aimed at improving lives for the billions of people who still lack the basic human rights to safe water and sanitation.

Pulau Macan Village and Eco Resort, One Community Partner

Pulau Macan Village and Eco Resort (Roderick)

Pulau Macan is an eco-village and resort founded and operated on the same principles as One Community: low impact living, eco-learning center, demonstration of natural health principles, harmonious living with nature, and functioning eco-village/resort. By combining forces with Pulau Macan we help each other with open source sharing and development of sustainability knowledge combined with collaborative eco-business building. One Community will be helping Pulau Macan and its partners to more effectively open source share information and “Best Practice” approaches to living and planetary stewardship through our established websites and internet marketing team and infrastructure while Pulau Macan will be helping One Community through their extensive experience running an already successful eco-village and eco-tourism destination.

Public-Architecture-and-the-1 percent-program

Public Architecture & The 1% Program (NeHa)

Public Architecture is a national charitable organization based in San Francisco. It engages architecture and design firms, nonprofits, and manufacturers to commit to design for the public good through its nationally recognized 1% program; it acts to bring about positive community change through public-interest design initiatives and pro bono design service grants; and it shares the potential of design to change the world through advocacy and outreach. As a One Community partner, the 1% program uses its matching system (and offers the same service to all 501(c)(3) nonprofits) to find designers providing pro bono services to match with our design service needs covering all aspects of Highest Good Housing and the Duplicable City Center.

Seed Savers, One Community Partner

Seed Savers Exchange (Kelly)

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), member supported organization that saves and shares the heirloom seeds of our garden heritage, forming a living legacy that can be passed down through generations. Their mission is to conserve and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. Their mission is supported by memberships, donations, and by seed sales to gardeners and farmers, seed companies and retail outlets. These funds are used to gather, grow and preserve the seeds and their family and cultural history, and educate members and the public about the absolute need for a healthy and diverse food system. One Community is partnered with Seed Savers Exchange as one of the primary providers of heirloom seeds for our Highest Good food infrastructure and as an organization we will be contributing seeds to as part of our open source botanical garden model.

Solar Hybrid Designs, Robert Seton

Solar Hybrid Design (Robert)

Solar Hybrid Design is devoted to and passionate about renewable energy. Their engineers are experts in the area of hybrid design, which is the Smart Grid on a small scale. They see it as the wave of the future and their designers have many years experience designing projects which include photovoltaics, wind power, generator power, solar water pumps, inverters and batteries. The appropriate elements are then designed into integrated renewable power systems. Principal, Robert Seton has had over forty years experience in electrical and solar design, training and project management. His talent for design and long held passion for renewable energy systems has made him a leader in the industry. Employing some of the most respected designers and engineers in the field of renewable energy, Solar Hybrid Design has become a top recommendation for many highly respected manufacturers and distributors because they appreciate the detail of their analysis, know they can trust their product knowledge and integrity, and have come to respect Solar Hybrid Design’s ability to think outside the box. Solar Hybrid Design creates smart and cost effective solutions for any situation and have joined the One Community Highest Good collaborator’s team to lend their knowledge and assistance to the Highest Good energy solar components of both the earthbag village and the Duplicable City Center.

The Poosh, One Community Partner (Eric) is a unique hospitality site designed for virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, wishing to participate in or start their own sustainable self-build project. A growing community of people who desire to learn about and build more sustainable structures on this planet, it is a place to find resources about sustainable building and projects all around the world seeking assistance. For project organizers, is a way to find like-minded people with enthusiasm, knowledge, and skill. For people interested in participating, volunteering, and learning about sustainable building and living, it is an opportunity to go learn sustainable building skills at a project and become part of a community, a community that is constructive and building the movement.

The Transition: Creating Tomorrow, Today

The Transition (Nicole)

The Transition unites people who are willing to take action towards enhancing and protecting all life and our environment for future generations. Their purpose is to construct real solutions by providing the support, space, and resources to do so via our collective knowledge and common heritage of the Earth’s resources. Their model works to build a bridge from our current approach that is reliant on the monetary market system to one where values, relationships, and cooperation are held supreme in a Global Egalitarian System. One Community and The Transition communicate and share information and resources in our progress toward this shared goal. To learn more and get involved, visit their feature-rich website at

Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty & Earth Nation
(Dakota Kaiser)

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading Unconditional Love, Healing, Abundance, and Justice into all places that desire their loving presence. Their mission is to create change by building, connecting, and supporting Open, Co-Governed, Beyond Sustainable, Sovereign Communities. They help build homes for those that don’t have them. They grow permaculture food forests to rejuvenate the environment and provide biodynamic food. They offer a multitude of free educational programs and they create clean sustainable energy systems. Working in conjunction with Earth Nation, they have also launched a humanitarian cryptocurrency called Sovereign Keys and backed by their freelancers, businesses, and communities: “Our economic system is the world’s first democratically distributed currency.” In short, they are here to support their members and their communities in every way they are able. One Community and The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty are working together because we share goals of global transformation, Highest Good Living and Creation, and complete sustainability.

Uncommon Good

Uncommon Good (Nancy)

Uncommon Good is “fostering idealism in education, medicine, and the environment” by creating communities that have love as their operating principle. They operate an education program for low-income minority students that enables them to succeed in school and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty through education. It also instills in them a love for humanity and the planet, so that they will be among the young leaders who will create love-based solutions for our societal problems. Uncommon Good’s health program supports young doctors, dentists, pharmacists and optometrists who bring compassionate health care to low-income people in community clinics in low-income neighborhoods. Uncommon Good’s urban farms treat the earth with loving reverence, avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides, and paying their farmers fair wages so they can support their families decently. Half of what Uncommon Good grows is given to the hungry and the other half is offered for sale to the community so that it has a source of local, healthy, organically grown produce. Uncommon Good’s Whole Earth Building office was built by hand using little more than on-site earth, with hundreds of community members participating. The building stands as an example of how communities can create safe, beautiful, comfortable buildings anywhere in the world without harming the planet. One Community is partnered with Uncommon Good because we share values of positive and permanent global transformation and as a source of ultra-eco building experience through the Whole Earth Building

Western States Design, One Community Partner

Western States Design (Phil)

Passion, innovation, and a dedication to excellence are the hallmarks of Western State Design. Since 1974, WSD has had an unwavering commitment to both existing and new customers, and, with its total solution approach, it has become one of the world’s largest companies in the laundry industry. WSD shares One Community’s commitment to sustainability and to saving resources and helping laundry owners use the most effective and efficient machines. WSD has designed One Community’s laundry facility for the Duplicable City Center purposed to service over 300 people. As One Community partners they have the necessary global distribution and willingness to helping us to the best of their ability to open source complete installation and maintenance for this laundry system so that together we can help others around the world to implement the same energy efficient and effective system.