One Community Working with the Jobsora Job Search System

One Community and Jobsora are working together to promote each other’s job opportunities. We’re sharing their services with this post and they are helping us share our volunteer positions using keywords related to sustainability.

Jobsora, job searchIf you aren’t familiar with Jobsora, the purpose of their site is to help a person find their perfect job. Jobsora claims this as their primary focus and their goal is to help people eliminate the hours and days they would otherwise spend surfing the Internet seeking vacancies. Jobsora does this by providIng links to all the positions posted on job boards.

Jobsora points out that the most popular ways of finding jobs nowadays are: consulting recruitment firms, addressing directly to the desired company for the desired position, looking for a job in local newspapers, contacting acquaintances, etc. All these methods of searching might be helpful if you combine them, but they are time-consuming and sometimes require financial investments.

Jobsora recognizes that most employers have now gone digital and post their adds and openings online. Their site is designed to make the process of finding and reviewing these online posts easier and faster. Check them out at .

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