One Community Working with the Jooble Job Search Engine

One Community and Jooble are working together to promote each other’s volunteer job opportunities. We’re sharing their services with this post and they are helping us share our volunteer positions using keywords related to sustainability.

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If you aren’t familiar with Jooble, they are a job search engine created for a single purpose: To help any person find a job, regardless of his or her place of residence, language, religion, skin color or beliefs.

Jooble holds a core believe that labor is one of the leading components of human life, it is a matter of self-actualization, the pursuit of a complete identification and development of personal abilities, which are indispensable conditions for happiness. Jooble believes that there is a suitable job for each individual that can complement his or her life with meaning and joy to be useful to society. We think this is a pretty noble reason to help people find fulfilling positions!

When you perform a search with Jooble, you’ll get links to job postings from more than 20,000 (and growing) different job sites throughout the USA that are the most relevant to your search terms. Jooble’s goal is to save people time and energy, enabling a person to find their desired job from a single query.

In speaking with them, they say that, compared to perusing the newspaper or using a regular job board, job-hunting with Jooble may seem unusual, initially, but once a person fully learns how to master it, they are guaranteed to find the job of their dreams. The only condition is the existence of your dream job.

To make their system easier and easier to use, their team is constantly working in order to make a job search as simple as possible. Jooble is constantly being fine-tuned, as they add new services and features. But, as the saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words”, so don’t take our word for it, give Jooble a try for yourself:

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