New One Community Pages Created

One Community, One Future, The Future of Everyone, Lau Tzu quote, we are unlimitedAlong with all the infrastructure and education program progress, One Community has also been working hard to respond your feedback! Here are a couple of the newest pages we’ve created:

The Importance of Financial Stability for One Community Pioneers and Our Global Goals Page: While it doesn’t cost anything to join or be a part of the One Community Pioneer Team, individual financial stability is important to our global goals and our desire to form a team thinking, creating, and living for The Highest Good of All. Our entire model is designed around building One Community as an open source prototype for self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities that create abundance, self-sufficiency, and frees people from the financial scarcity that we feel limits humanity’s inherent desire to want to help each other. This new page details the importance of individual financial stability in relation to these goals.

International Sustainable Development Page on the One Community overview website: We’ve had tons of feedback that this website is overwhelming. In response to this we have been working to complete an overview site that will function as an easy to navigate portal to the information most relevant for those just introducing themselves to One Community. This new page on the developing website is a summary page discussing our 4-Phase Sustainable Communities Strategy outlined in much more detail on this website.

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