One Community Welcomes 3D Graphics Specialist Radu Christian Pintilie to our Partners Team!

One Community is excited to welcome Radu Christian Pintilie to our Partners Team for open source global change! Radu is a 3D Graphic Arts major in Romania who will be making a complete 3D real-to-life walkthrough of the SEGO Center Duplicable City Hub for his final graduation project. As part of our partnership with Radu, we will also be partnering with Radu’s school, the SAE Institue Bucharest, who have agreed to have a hands-on role with this creation as additional support for both Radu and One Community.

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Radu Christian Pintilie – Sustainability and 3D Graphics Presentation Specialist: Radu was born and raised in Romania and received his first diploma in Refractometry of Chemical Substances. After that, he continued his passion with Ecology and achieved his Bachelor of Science Degree in New “LPG – Impact of a New Eco-friendly Fuel Over the Environment,” and a Master’s Degree in “Climate Change and the Consensus of Global Warming.” He then started studying 3D Animation at SAE Institue Bucharest, Romania. Radu also teaches children survival and wilderness skills as a boy scout leader saying, “Everyday I want to help mankind evolve and I try little by little to change the world by teaching the children how to respect our Planet our Home!” With a combined passion for sustainability and 3D computer generation, Radu has chosen the SEGO Center Duplicable City Hub as his final 3D exam project and is creating a complete 3D “walkthrough presentation” of this entire structure.





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