One Community Welcomes the Build Hybrid Communities and Towns Now Group to Our Partner Team

Earth-MatrixOne Community is happy to welcome Build Hybrid Communities and Towns Now as our most recent partner! Build Hybrid Communities and Towns Now is a group working on bridging to a RBE (Resource Based Economy) from the current system. In the Hybrid Communities and Towns no money will be used between working members, money is only used to buy and pay for absolutely needed items from/in the current money system. There is co-op ownership of businesses and residential properties for members to work and live in. The plan is that each member works just 20 hours a week in the co-op businesses and in return receives free rent, free utilities, free food, free local transportation, and other free benefits needed to live happily. The purpose of this model is to show others a better way of life now to gain the necessary support of enough people to transition the whole world to RBE. Sharing resource based economy values, a similar strategy for global transformation, and the belief that a completely sustainable planet that benefits all people is possible, One Community and Build Hybrid Communities and Towns Now communicate and share information and resources weekly (and sometimes daily) in our progress toward this goal.

Thank you Build Hybrid Communities and Towns Now and Michael Knight for all you do!

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