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Additional Application Questions for Parents

This page contains the additional questions we request from parent applicants who will be bringing their children to live with them on the property. In the case of a multi-parent household, we request that each parent answer these questions separately, without collaboration. Please type your answers IN A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN THE QUESTIONS so they stand out. When complete, email questions and answer (as a Word Document or email – no PDFs please) with the standard One Community Application (along with any additional requested items) to Sara at [email protected].




1. What do you consider the 5 most important values to teach children? Why?

2. Describe your relationships with your parents?

3. What is your largest influence in parenting?

4. What advice would you give to a new parent?

5. What makes a good parent in your opinion? Why?

6. Why did you decide to become a parent?

7. What has been your greatest struggle as a parent?

8. What is your idea of learning-time with your child? What is your idea of fun-time with your child?

9. What is your child’s favorite thing to do that involves you and your child?

10. What is your policy/practice on television, movies, and electronic device use if any? How often does your child typically partake in each of these activities?

11. What is your child’s favorite toy/item and why?

12. Describe a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner that your child eats.

13. Describe a typical morning, evening, and day for you and your child.

14. Describe your child’s typical behavior around other children.

15. How do you motivate your child?

16. What is the #1 personal growth and development area you are working on right now with your child? What is your strategy/approach to this? How is this working?

17. What is the #1 behavioral issue that you are working on with your child? What is your strategy/approach to this? How is this working?

18. How do you discipline your child?

19. What would be your approach if your child insists on doing things in his / her way and you disagree with their choice for some reason?

20. How do you handle it if your child’s opinion is completely different than yours? What do you do and or say?

21. How do you handle a situation when another child/children that are not yours are misbehaving?

22. If your child hurt another child physically or verbally how have/would you handle that?

23. What, if any, differences are there in how you treat your child at home vs. in public and why?

24. What is a typical outing for you and your child?

25. What are the top 2-3 things your child naturally excels at?

26. Describe your child’s educational history/background.