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The Property

One Community has identified the property capable of supporting our world changing vision and we are in the process of seeking the necessary funding to purchase it. Until we own the property, we are not disclosing the specific location to anyone outside of the Pioneer Team, but we are sharing the details of why we have chosen this property over all the others.



Choosing the right property to meet our global goals was a two-year process covering 6 states. We then spent an additional two-plus years building the necessary relationships with the local government to support our ultra-sustainable infrastructure and open source project-launch blueprinting of everything needed to share and build self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. Here are the important components we were seeking and found:

  • World-class beauty with an abundance of trees and wildlife
  • Sufficient sunlight for 100% solar power off-grid energy system
  • Sufficient water supply for our agricultural and long-term expansion goals
  • Zoned and sized to allow us to eventually incorporate as our own municipality
  • Convenient major airport access for national and international travelers visiting us
  • Remote enough to provide all the beauty and benefits of a “getaway” vacation experience
  • Weather conducive to our aquaponics plans, establishing a food forest, as well as tourism
  • Relatively easy access to supplies, materials, and medical services if needed for emergencies
  • Sufficient tourism traffic to support our eco-tourism model through local overflow alone if needed
  • Existing infrastructure to house the Pioneer Team while we build prototype Village 1 and Village 2
  • Existing beauty which is marketable to people immediately versus requiring years of development
  • County excited to support and help develop One Community as a model for counties everywhere


In short, the location is in an area of such beauty that annual tourism traffic is in the millions and the property was chosen because it has everything necessary for One Community to accomplish our goals, demonstrate and invite people to experience comprehensive sustainability, and continue open source project-launch blueprinting everything needed to build self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world.



To compliment the property criteria above, the following Master Plan has been created so that the entire environment will be conducive to the One Community self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration hub experience and goals. This plan includes our ideas for how the 7 villages will integrate with food production, the Duplicable City Center, and other key infrastructure components. It also shares the additional fulfilled living elements/components we are planning and our planned options for visitors to stay even more affordably by camping.

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One Community Master Plan – Click to Enlarge



Q: Where specifically is the property located?

At this point, the only location information we are sharing is that we intend to build in the Western United States. Because we do not yet own the property, we are reserving sharing specific location details for only those who are intimately involved with the creation of One Community and have signed a non-disclosure agreement. If you are someone with the means to assist us in securing this property, please contact us and we can get you that agreement and discuss these details.

Q: Why aren’t you sharing the specific location?

We aren’t sharing the specific location of the property because we’d like to secure its purchase first. Until the location is secured, we see sharing it as setting unfair expectations because the location is not guaranteed. If you feel you can help, please contact us.

Q: I’d like to help you secure the property through funding, so what is possible?

Please see our Funding Related Details Page. We’d love to start a dialogue with you if you have the means to help.

Q: Where can I learn more about what you are creating?

These pages explain what we are creating from a global-change perspective:

One Community Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values PageHelping One Community, Get Involved, Global Change, Making a Difference, Creating a Better Worldevolving sustainability, negative-waste livingOpen-Source-Creationhighest good stewardship, for the highest good of all, vision, values, solution-based thinking model, open source model, sustainability, cultural diversity, spiritual diversity, drug policy, pet policy, ziconsThe One Community Blog, OC Blog

These icons link to each of our main open source hubs with an overview of each area of focus and links to all the specific and detailed open source resources we’ve created and are creating:

highest good food, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, diet, food infrastructure, hoop houses, large scale garden, food forest, botanical garden, soil amendmenthighest good energy, off-grid energy, solar power, wind power, water power, energy efficiency, hydronic, electricity, power, fuel, energy storagehighest good housing, shelter, dome home, living space, eco-housing, earthbag village, straw bale village, cob village, earth block village, shipping container village, recycled and reclaimed materials village, tree house village, duplicable city centerhighest good education, school, home school, learning, teaching, teachers, learners, curriculum, lesson plans. ultimate classroomhighest good economics, trade, money, business, transactions, resource based economy, for profit, non profit, eco tourism, revenue streams, taxes, investments, debthighest good society, social architecture, fulfilled living, pledge, values, highest good lifestyle, consensus, social equality, community contribution, recreationhighest good stewardship, for the highest good of all, vision, values, solution-based thinking model, open source model, sustainability, cultural diversity, spiritual diversity, drug policy, pet policyduplicable city center, open source city hub, laundry, dining, swimming pool, hot tub, kitchen, library, game room

Q: Why not start this in another way? 

We believe the world needs a model solution that is a solution building model as quickly as possible, and we are committed to all the details outlined on our One Community Investor Overview Page. Less comprehensive examples of sustainability, sustainability without the right location, and sustainability with a different focus already exist and have, in our opinion, not accomplished our goals. In every case we’ve reviewed, they lack one or more of the key components of a complete model. For this reason, we are committed to nothing less than the complete and full expression of One Community as detailed throughout this website.

That said, we are open source to support those interested in creating any component of our project before we do and/or a less comprehensive prototype sooner, smaller, with different goals, or in a location that doesn’t meet the above criteria. If you are interested in creating open source too, click here to fill out an application and we’d be happy to discuss collaboration.

Q: Why not start this in another location? 

For One Community to fully achieve its goals, all the criteria listed above were identified as important. Another location could definitely meet these criteria too, but visiting and evaluating properties and building the necessary relationships for a project like ours takes a lot of time and energy. Reinvesting that time and energy in identifying a new location only makes sense if the current location is for some reason no longer viable. We are also really focused on everything needed to be shovel-ready for the build. Even if we did want to start the evaluation process over with another property, doing this before we are 100% ready to build (and sure the current location is not an option) is not an efficient use of our time. We are open source though to support those interested in creating any component of our project in a location that doesn’t meet the above criteria.

Q: Why not start this smaller?

We are putting together a crowdfunding campaign for this purpose. Click here to learn about it.

Q: Are you open to exploring other properties?

With over six years invested in this property and relationship building for it, and with a business plan designed around it specifically, we are choosing not to restart this process and invest any energy in any other direction unless this property becomes no longer an option.

Q: What if I know someone who might be able to donate a property?

We are committed to this location for all the reasons already mentioned. For efficient consideration of any other property, we need a complete proposal including:

  • Why you desire to donate the property
  • Location specifics and how it meets or exceeds each of the above criteria
  • Complete details of your own criteria and expectations for donating the property

Please also include the specifics of how you’d see the property assisting our global transformation goals and accommodating the 7 villages, the Duplicable City Center, and the high volume of residents and visitors these will house and host.

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One Community 7 Villages and Duplicable City Center – Click for the Highest Good Housing Page

Q: What happens if the property becomes unavailable for some reason?

We will start the process over and find a new property.

Q: Have you talked to the property owner about a partnership?

Yes we have, and although this is not an option, the seller is willing to provide seller financing. See our Investor Funding/Options Page for details.