Self-Sustaining Communities ARE “Within Reach”

A Traveling Adventure to Seek Self-Sustaining Communities


At One Community, we have a culture of promoting information about others that share passion for sustainability and sustainable living. We are happy to share information about two individuals that embraced a quest for self-sustainable living. Ryan Mlynarczyk and Mandy Creighton left their mainstream jobs and lifestyle to seek out existing self-sustaining communities.

They took a spiritual and cultural journey on their bicycles for 18 months, traveling approximately 12,000 miles across the country, visiting over 100 examples of sustainable communities. Interviewing hundreds of Americans and exploring Eco-villages, Cohousing Communities, Co-op Houses, Communes, Transition Towns, they show us that the dream of living in a sustainable community is definitely Within Reach, and discover that when you really want something, for the right reasons, it seems as though the “entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” as Paulo Coelho writes in The Alchemist. This adventurous couple is truly an inspiration!

Check out the 4 min teaser clip for the movie they created about their journey.

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