Systems that Sustain Themselves – One Community Weekly Progress Update #527

At One Community, we are committed to designing systems that sustain themselves. We are an all-volunteer organization that is dedicated to creating a sustainable future through our work on sustainable approaches to food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economic design, social architecture, fulfilled living, global… Read More

Regenerating Spaceship Earth – One Community Weekly Progress Update #526

One Community is dedicated to regenerating spaceship earth by developing sustainable approaches to food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economic design, social architecture, fulfilled living, global stewardship practices, and more. Our innovative model is designed to be… Read More

Creating Eco-systemic Permanence – One Community Weekly Progress Update #525

Creating eco-systemic permanence is about creating self-maintaining ecological systems. These systems are sustainable and make life easier, healthier, and more affordable. One Community is applying this concept to create teacher/demonstration hubs incorporating radically sustainable approaches to food, energy,… Read More

One Community Welcomes Julio Marín Bustillos to the Engineering Team!

One Community welcomes Julio Marín Bustillos to the Engineering Design Team as our newest Volunteer/Consultant! Julio is a graduate from New Mexico State University and has worked on several engineering projects, gaining experience in finite element analysis as… Read More

Permaculture Community Creation – One Community Weekly Progress Update #521

Facilitating permaculture community creation is one path to a more sustainable world that will benefit us all. One Community is supporting this with open source and free-shared sustainability models designed using permaculture principles and covering food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economic design, social architecture, fulfilled… Read More

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