Forwarding Global Cooperatives – One Community Weekly Progress Update #556

One Community is dedicated to forwarding global cooperatives. Our organization is committed to advancing the cause of collaborative efforts covering food, energy, housing, education, economics, social architecture, and more. Combined, these will be used to build the cooperative teacher/demonstration models we see as holding the keys to a more sustainable and equitable future, empowering individuals and communities to come together, sharing knowledge, and working collectively to shape a brighter future for all.

Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556


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One Community’s physical location will forward this movement as the first of many self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built around the world. This is the November 13th, 2023 edition (#556) of our weekly progress update detailing our team’s development and accomplishments:


Forwarding Global Cooperatives
One Community Progress Update #556




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Highest Good housing, cob construction, earthbag construction, straw bale construction, earthship construction, subterranean construction, sustainable homes, eco-homesOne Community is forwarding global cooperatives through Highest Good housing that is artistic and beautiful, more affordable, more space efficient, lasts longer, DIY buildable, and constructed with healthy and sustainable materials:

This week, Charles Gooley (Web Designer) completed another week of assisting with web design. Charles focused on the Most Sustainable Windows & Window Companies page. He structured the content, incorporating a Table of Contents with relevant anchor links for easy navigation. Charles explained the significance of accessing windows and delved into understanding windows, specifically addressing glazing and coating aspects, including types of glass coatings and window performance metrics. He curated information on the best and most sustainable window companies, presenting a total of fourteen options. The culmination of the page includes a summary, a resources section, and frequently answered questions. Then, Charles began work on the Most Sustainable Doors and Door Companies page. The visual representation of this work is provided in the accompanying pictures.

Most Sustainable Windows & Window Companies, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Charles Gooley, web design, sustainable windows, window companies, Table of Contents, anchor links, glazing, coating, glass coatings, window performance metrics, sustainable doors.

Shengguang Jin (Mechanical Engineer) continued helping with the Vermiculture Toilet designs for the Earthbag Village. Shengguang focused on the development of optimal designs for a litter collection container. His efforts centered on creating an assembly comprising multiple intricately designed components that collaborate to enhance usability, mobility, strength, and storage capacity. The emphasis was placed on ensuring that the various parts function cohesively to achieve an efficient and user-friendly device. Additionally, Shengguang considered the potential incorporation of the design intent into a practical and cost-effective manufacturing process, reflecting a concern for the economic viability of the proposed design. Visual representations of his work are available in the accompanying images.

Vermiculture Toilet, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Shengguang Jin, Mechanical Engineer, Vermiculture Toilet designs, Earthbag Village, litter collection container, optimal designs, assembly, usability, mobility, strength, storage capacity, user-friendly device, manufacturing process, economic viability, visual representations.

Yiwei He (Mechanical Engineer) continued assisting with the management of two teams. She worked with the Vermiculture Toilet team, addressing challenges and seeking solutions, incorporating input from colleagues. In parallel, she collaborated with her Duplicable City Center team, specifically concentrating on the evaluation of a new hollow design. Yiwei researched multiple simulations to compare the new design with the previous one, emphasizing an analytical approach to improvement. Visual representations of her work are shown below.

Vermiculture Toilet, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Yiwei He, Mechanical Engineer, Vermiculture Toilet designs, Vermiculture team, challenges, solutions, collaboration, Duplicable City Center team, hollow design, simulations, analytical approach, improvement, visual representations.



duplicable city center, open source city hub, laundry, dining, swimming pool, hot tub, kitchen, library, game roomOne Community is forwarding global cooperatives through a Duplicable and Sustainable City Center that is LEED Platinum certified/Sustainable, can feed 200 people at a time, provide laundry for over 300 people, is beautiful, spacious, and saves resources, money, and space:

This week, Amiti Singh (Architectural Designer) continued her work helping with the interior design details for the rental rooms within the Duplicable City Center. Amiti made progress in the development of the 3D model for Room 10, focusing on achieving a boho-aesthetic industrial theme. Her concentration was on integrating eclectic industrial furniture and boho decor to mitigate the color palette. Amiti utilized 3D inspirations to refine the furniture palette for the room. Furthermore, she extended her work to the bathroom, applying an industrial palette to the space. See below for the collage of images related to this.

Duplicable City Center, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Amiti Singh, Architectural Designer, interior design details, rental rooms, Duplicable City Center, 3D model, Room 10, Boho-aesthetic Industrial theme, eclectic industrial furniture, boho decor, color palette, design process, 3D inspirations, furniture palette, bathroom, industrial palette, design development, collage of images.

Justin Varghese (Mechanical Engineer) completed another week assisting with the City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering. Justin focused on developing new dome hub connectors with designs optimized for ease of manufacturability. The decision to pursue this new design arose from concerns within the team regarding potential complications in the manufacturing process and increased machining costs associated with the previous design. The updated design shows a rectangular plate bent to provide support for the beam, which is secured to the ring using bolts and nuts. See the images of the work.

City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Justin Varghese, Mechanical Engineer, City Center Dome Hub Connector Engineering, new dome hub connectors, designs optimized for ease of manufacturability, concerns within the team, manufacturing process, increased machining costs, previous design, updated design, rectangular plate, support for the beam, secured with bolts and nuts, images of the work.


This week, the engineering summary was managed by Arvindh Xavier (Civil Engineer) and featured Julio Marín Bustillos (Mechanical Engineer) highlighting Julio’s achievement of concluding the design phase for the eighth row. Expanding on this progress, he began the design work for the Dome Hub Connector of the seventh row. This phase introduces increased complexity and time investment, as the seventh, sixth, and fifth rows necessitate the creation of multiple variation designs for the dome hub connectors. The intricate nature of this section of the dome, compounded by its lack of full symmetry, will make the design process longer for these specific rows. See the pictures below.

Dome Hub Connector, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Arvindh Xavier, Civil Engineer, Julio Bustillos, Mechanical Engineer, design phase, eighth row, Dome Hub Connector, seventh row, complexity, time investment, multiple variation designs, dome hub connectors, intricate nature, lack of full symmetry, extended duration, design process, pictures.



sustainable food, best practice food, sustainable food systems, aquaponics, walipini, aquapini, zen aquapini, One Community, open source food, free-shared architecture, sustainable living, green living, eco living, living ecologically, for The Highest Good of All, transforming the world, grow your own food, build your own greenhouse in the ground, ground greenhouse, open source architecture, architects of the future, sustainability non-profit, 501c3 organization, sustainable life, water catchment, organic food, food anywhere, maximum food diversity, build your own farmers market, sustainability cooperative, sustainable living group, open source, sustainability nonprofit, free-shared plans, teacher/demonstration village, open source project-launch blueprinting, One Community UpdateOne Community is forwarding global cooperatives through Highest Good food that is more diverse, more nutritious, locally grown and sustainable, and part of our open source botanical garden model to support and share bio-diversity:

This week, Hayley Rosario (Sustainability Research Assistant) continued her review of the open-source Highest Good Food rollout plan. Hayley took on the task of revising the outdated three-person material/task list in the EDITS document. Drawing relevant data from the “Food Infrastructure Rollout” document, she created an initial draft in a separate document organizing and updating all items within the three-person material/task list. See below for the images.

Highest Good Food, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Hayley Rosario, Sustainability Research Assistant, open-source, Highest Good Food, rollout plan, material/task list, EDITS document, Food Infrastructure Rollout, draft, document organization, image updates.

Smit Bhoir (Data and Business Analyst) continued data analysis for the menus for the Transition Food Self-sufficiency Plan. He visualized ingredient cost data for the Transition Kitchen Menu, starting the process during the initial stages. Throughout the week, Smit focused on high-cost ingredients within the Transition Kitchen Menu Recipe worksheet. Smit improved how the information looks on the menu sheet. He made it better by adding a clear summary of the data and easy explanations for people who aren’t tech-savvy. In parallel, he reviewed Sharuyra’s PR Review work while simultaneously contributing to the publication of his work. Check out the picture collage below to see their work.

Transition Food Self, sufficiency Plan, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Smit Bhoir, Data and Business Analyst, data analysis, Transition Food Self-sufficiency Plan, PR team responsibilities, Sharuyra's blog post, publication, visualizing ingredient cost data, Transition Kitchen Menu, high-cost ingredients, Recipe worksheet, data-finding summary, user-friendly explanations, non-technical stakeholders, finalizing data visualization, Transition Kitchen Recipe, collage view.


This week, the Transition Food Self-sufficiency Plan UI/UX Web and Graphics development was managed by Shivangi Patel (Graphic Designer), combining her work with the contributions of Rihab Baklouti (Freelance Generalist), Shivangi and Rihab began a mock-up, concentrating on either a Vegan Recipe webpage or an Omnivore Recipe webpage, expanding on the outlines established. In this process, they designed a template for One Community Global’s webpage, utilizing Photoshop to refine header images, create harmonious color palettes, and maintain a standard of high-quality UX design. Simultaneously, Shivangi focused on generating social media content for Facebook. Using her Photoshop skills, she merged eye-catching visuals with sustainability quotes, highlighting eco-friendly initiatives. Additionally, Shivangi designed volunteer announcement images and corresponding web content. See below for the visual images.

Transition Food Self-sufficiency Plan, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Transition Food Self-sufficiency Plan, UI/UX Web development, Graphics development, Shivangi Patel, Graphic Designer, Rihab Baklouti, Freelance Generalist, mock-up development, Vegan Recipe webpage, Omnivore Recipe webpage, One Community Global, Photoshop, header images, color palettes, high-quality UX design, social media content, Facebook, sustainability quotes, eco-friendly initiatives, volunteer announcement images, visual images.



One Community school, One Community education, teaching strategies for life, curriculum for life, One Community, transformational education, open source education, free-shared education, eco-education, curriculum for life, strategies of leadership, the ultimate classroom, teaching tools for life, for the highest good of all, Waldorf, Study Technology, Study Tech, Montessori, Reggio, 8 Intelligences, Bloom's Taxonomy, Orff, our children are our future, the future of kids, One Community kids, One Community families, education for life, transformational livingOne Community is forwarding global cooperatives through Highest Good education that is for all ages, applicable in any environment, adaptable to individual needs, far exceeds traditional education standards, and more fun for both the teachers and the students. This component of One Community is about 95% complete with only the Open Source School Licensing and Ultimate Classroom construction and assembly details remaining to be finished. We’ll report on the final two elements to be finished as we develop them.

With over 8 years of work invested in the process, the sections below are all complete until we move onto the property and continue the development and open sourcing process with teachers and students – a development process that is built directly into the structure of the education program and everything else we’re creating too:

Highest Good education, open source education, progressive education, One Community education, forward-thinking education, learning skills

Highest Good Education: All Subjects | All Learning Levels | Any Age – Click image for the open source hub



a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifeOne Community is forwarding global cooperatives through a Highest Good society approach to living that is founded on fulfilled living, the study of meeting human needsCommunity, and making a difference in the world:

This week, the core team completed 51 hours managing One Community volunteer-work review not included above, emails, social media accounts, web development, new bug identification and bug-fix integration for the Highest Good Network software, and interviewing and getting set up new volunteer team members. The pictures below show some of this work.

Core Team, Volunteer Work, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Core team, Volunteer work, Email management, Social media accounts, Web development, Bug identification, Bug-fix integration, Highest Good Network software, Interviewing, Volunteer team members

The core team also worked on conducting tests on several HGN PRs, confirming the resolution of six PRs. Challenges came up with PR#1169, unable to test part ‘b’ related to the ‘More work needed, reset this button.’ Additionally, in PR#722, we observed that while a manager can see all team members on the Dashboard Tasks tab, not all are visible on the Leaderboard. We retested this issue and provided an explanation to a volunteer on Slack. the core team also identified a new bug where, following specific steps in the Projects section, a popup window appears and the timer stops. In addition to PR testing, we set up a test scenario for PR #485 using the ‘Tanya-test Test1’ account, which already had 5 blue squares. Unfortunately, attempts to create an Owner account on the Dev environment were unsuccessful, preventing testing of part ‘d’ of PR#994. You can view this work in the collage below.

Core Team, HGN PRs, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556 Tatyana, Core Team, Contribution, HGN PRs, Resolution, Challenges, Bug Identification, PR Testing, Dashboard Tasks, Leaderboard, Test Scenario, Collage

Another core team member continued to listen to Eckart Tolle’s “A New Earth” for key points and word additions to be integrated throughout our website. He also collaborated with Hayley Rosario focusing on clarifications regarding the 3 and 20 Pioneer arrival to our property. Discussions centered on the food portions and rewriting portions for further clarity and defining more specifically the tasks for the 3 person’s duties. View some of this work in the collage below.

Core Team, Eckart Tolle’s, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Eckhart Tolle, A NEW EARTH, Core Team, Volunteer, Pioneer Arrival, Property, Food Portions, Clarity, Task Definition, Collage

Harsha Kulkarni (Data Analyst) continued working on One Community’s Google AdWords campaigns and Analytics details. This week, Harsha focused on modifying looker reports that were not populating the dashboard. She looked into how the reports were made to make changes easier. She focused on changing where the info comes from for the graphs, using Google Analytics 4 and incorporated new attributes during the report-building process. This resulted in the migration of all dashboards except for one. Harsha also worked on making certain ad groups stronger in Google AdWords. You can see some of this in the picture below.

Harsha, Google AdWords, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Data Analyst, Google AdWords, Analytics Details, Looker Reports, Dashboard, Report Format, Data Source, Google Analytics 4, Attributes, Ad Strength

Vishvesh Sheora (Artificial Intelligence Specialist) focused on elevating the SEO performance of blog posts featured on the One Community website. This week, Vishvesh addressed issues such as fixing featured images and adjusting CSS text in accordance with WordPress protocols. He focused on optimizing SEO elements by rectifying inconsistencies in numbering and bullet points, effectively minimizing SEO discrepancies within the post content. See the work in the image below.

Vishvesh, SEO Performance, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, SEO Performance, Blog Posts, One Community Website, Featured Images, CSS Text, WordPress Protocols, Optimization, Numbering, Bullet Points, SEO Discrepancies


This week, the Administration Team’s summary, covering their work administrating and managing most of One Community, was managed by Jamie Cruz (Administrative Assistant, Social Media Manager, and Team Manager) and includes Alyx Parr (Senior Support Specialist), Meenakshi Velayutham (Sustainability Associate), Olawunmi “Ola” Ijisesan (Administrative and Management Support), Ruiqi Liu (Administrative Assistant), Shaurya Sareen (Administrative Assistant), and Xiaolai Li (Administrative Assistant). Alyx worked on a review of two blog pages, to make sure they included everyone and reviewed additional pages, while also inspecting uploaded images and providing feedback via Loom-recorded videos. Jamie focused on refining team summaries, creating collages, and managing administrative tasks, including overseeing social media and organizing video content. Meenakshi performed setup tasks, oriented herself to management responsibilities through video tutorials, actively contributed to last week’s blog page, and engaged in analyzing research questions. Ola prepared for the weekly live blog, handling tasks such as curating image collages, SEO optimization on WordPress, and contributing to PR tracking. Ruiqi completed a four-step review process for multiple teams, providing feedback, creating collages, and initiating business plan development. Shaurya worked on a review of all pull requests, updating tracking sheets and weekly tables, and created a team summary and team collage. Xiaolao worked on on organizing documents and summaries, reviewing financial statements and a business plan, managing cost analysis, researching expenses, and setting up the webpage for the current week. You can see the work for the team in the image below.

Admin, Team Management, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Administration Team, One Community, Summary, Blog Pages, Inclusive Content, Social Media Management, Video Content, SEO Optimization, Business Plan Development, PR Tracking


This week, the Blue Steel Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Nathan Hoffman (Software Engineer and Team Manager) and includes, Haohui Lin (Software Engineer), Shubhankar Valimbe (Lead Full Stack Software Developer), Xiao Wang (Software Engineer), Yongjian Pan (React.js/MongoDB Full Stack Software Developer), and Yubo Sun (Full Stack Software Developer). Nathan responded to Luis’s requests for clarification and assistance, completing reviews for the previous week, communicating expectations to the new assistant manager, and making modifications to the permissions management document. While responding to Slack messages, Nathan also reviewed Jefferey’s PR and, although unable to resolve Luis’s bug after inspecting the code, continued to provide support. Additionally, he assisted Yubo with unit testing questions related to permissions and kept the permission design document updated. Haohui focused on enhancing the app’s features, specifically working on the task: Fix permission for edit tasks in PR#1466, and developing functionality to assign permissions to individual users, fostering collaboration within the team. Shubhankar addressed bugs, including missing box shadow styles, leading to PR #1518 for frontend enhancements, and investigated a bug related to task resolution efficiency. Xiao addressed a critical issue by implementing a hotfix in PR#600, enabling the information modal to save changes on the backend. In addition to this, Xiao provided assistance to various team members with their inquiries. Support was extended to Anny in resolving a text alignment problem, Jahanzaib in addressing a CSS style precedence issue, Anirudh concerning a delay in changes reflecting on the page, and Jae in identifying the cause of failed requests to /task/task. Lastly, Xiao continued progress on the ongoing TimeEntryForm refactor. Yongjian put time to a thorough re-review of his pull request, specifically PR #1318. During this process, he addressed alignment issues related to green dots on the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) page under Projects, as well as console log error messages that had been highlighted by one of the reviewers. Yongjian encountered challenges in resolving the alignment issue, as it continued in his local environment despite his initial attempts to rectify it. Yubo worked on completing the unit test, and resolving permission problems with Nathan’s assistance, with plans to transition the draft pull request into an open pull request once all functionalities are confirmed. He also identified suggestions for permission access updates to be proposed in the documentation. The collage below shows some of this work.

Blue Steel, Highest Good Network, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Blue Steel Team, Highest Good Network software, Software Engineer, Full Stack Software Developer, React.js, MongoDB, Team Manager, Collaboration, Bug resolution, Frontend enhancements


This week, the Expressers Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Tim Kent (Full Stack Software Engineer) and includes Aishwarya Kalkundrikar (Full Stack Software Developer)Harshida Dalal (Software Engineer), Olga Yudkin (Software Engineer), Tianyuan Nan (Software Engineer)Vishala Ramasamy (Software Developer). Tianyuan focused on packaging his branch to resolve the email list visibility issue at the bottom of the Weekly Summary Page. He completed Seven PRs, including a Lint fix for the inventory component, unit tests for various folders, deleting badges, and drag-and-drop picture upload. He also delved into Phase 1 and 2 documentation to plan his future contributions. Aishwarya raised a PR for a backend task related to Project details routing and controller, addressing issues during the process. Vishala completed tasks related to material updates, integrating pop-up windows and validations, and began work on the equipment/tool update history log page and the Add Material page. Olga refactored the BM dashboard component, connecting the front end to the database and integrating Redux for efficient data management. Harshida focused on the Filter Material Task, adding a new select input and mapping option fields appropriately. Tim merged the building project API, created MongoDB collections and schemes for inventory types and materials, and revamped the Purchase Material form and backend API for correct data handling. Tim also hosted meetings, communicated with the team, and conducted brainstorming sessions. Additionally, he contributed extensively to Phase 2 documentation and updated the WBS spreadsheet. The collage below shows some of this work.

Expresser Team, Highest Good Network, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update 556, branch, email list visibility issue, PRs, Lint fix, inventory component, unit tests, badges, drag-and-drop picture upload, Phase 1 and 2 documentation, backend task, Project details routing, controller, material updates, pop-up windows, validations, equipment/tool update history log page


This week, the Git-R-Done Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Ruiqi (Administrative Assistant) and includes Eduardo Horta (Software Engineer), Jeffrey Li (Full-Stack Software Developer)Kaikane Lacno (Learning Assistant)Miguelcloid Reniva (Software Developer)Olena Danykh (Software Engineer), Rhea Wu (Software Engineer), Ziming Song (Software Engineer). Eduardo prepared reports and planned meetings while addressing coding problems and enhancing documentation. Jeffrey addressed two development bugs and reviewed three pull requests, ensuring the functionality of various features. Kaikane worked on addressing conflicts and integrating new features while also focusing on the drag-and-drop feature. Miguelcloid developed the structure of a form, with an emphasis on CSS styling. Olena worked on the development and design of the LessonList Component, with some final code cleanup tasks remaining. Rhea made progress in Phase 2 development. Ziming did the testing part, contributing to several pull requests. The collage below shows some of his work.

Git-R-Done, Highest Good Network, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update 556, coding problems, documentation, development bugs, pull requests, features, drag-and-drop feature, form structure, CSS styling, LessonList Component, code cleanup, Phase 2 development, testing, pull requests, commitment, collage.


This week, the Graphic Design Team’s summary was managed by Ruiqi (Administrative Assistant) and includes Ashlesha Navale (Graphic Designer), Emily Ferguson (Visual Designer), Nancy Mónchez (Graphic Designer) and Shivangi Patel (Graphic Designer). Ashlesha worked on eight Social Media Images. She curated nature-based and theme-based images for the project. Emily undertook a project of crafting six distinct hand-drawn digital images, promoting food sustainability, global impact, and sustainable practices. And Nancy focused on creating re-design posts with added design elements like gradients and opacities. She introduced the color purple for visual appeal and maintained brand consistency by including the brand and URL for promotional purposes, showcasing their dedication to the project. Shivangi created 13 beautiful social media images too. The collage below shows some of this work.

Graphic Design Team, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update 556, social Media Images, Photoshop skills, advanced features, hand-drawn digital images, food sustainability, global impact, sustainable practices, re-design posts, design elements, gradients, opacities, color purple, visual appeal, brand consistency, brand, URL, promotional purposes, dedication, collage.


This week, Moonfall Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Navneeth Krishna (Software Engineer) and includes Abdelmounaim “Abdel” Lallouache (Software Developer), Anny Wang (Software Engineer), Haoji Bian (Software Engineer)Jiadong Zhang (Software Engineer)Ruike Qiu (Software Engineer)Tzu Ning “Leo” Chueh (Software Engineer)Xiao Fei (Software Engineer)Yi Lin (Software Engineer), Yihan Liu (Software Engineer), YuFu Liao (Software Engineer), Zijie “Cyril” Yu (Software Engineer) and Zubing Guo (Software Engineer). Abdelmounaim contributed to the enhancement of the setup profile functionality by introducing a new feature. Anny undertook the task of fixing text alignment in Permissions Management buttons, achieved a merged PR and valuable insights into CSS and Bootstrap conflicts. Haoji focused on enhancing profile image selection, introducing a verification mechanism for active members, enabling users to choose profile images, and integrating an automated email system for transparency. Jahanzaib concentrated on pull request reviews, bug fixes, and improvements, addressing issues in user profile and timelog updates, conducting unit tests, and investigating CSS conflicts. Jiadong made efforts to the ongoing task of refactoring the time log component. He identified a time efficiency issue stemming from a bug, addressed and resolved it. Navneeth addressed a backend bug, worked on in multiple pull requests, and managed Team Moonfall responsibilities. Ruike addressed a bug in the user profile controller, implementing robust measures for data sanitation. Tzu Ning focused on testing, refining functionalities, and resolving merge conflicts. Xiao F developed a feature for owners to edit ChatGPT prompts, addressing backend issues and participated in the review process. Yi passed unit tests, ensuring code reliability, and verified UI aspects in various pull requests. Yihan addressed tasks related to lost hours, and implemented an auto-refresh feature. Yufu focused on making columns editable by Owner on the User Management Page, developing and testing a popup component. Zijie revised and fixed pull requests for lint fixes in the reports component, completing 80% of the required fixes. Zubing integrated the ‘Write it for me’ button into the summary page, restructuring frontend code for successful outcomes despite challenges. Look below for a collage of their work.

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This week, Reactonauts’ Team’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Carl Bebl (Software Developer) and includes Anirudh Ghildiyal (Software Engineer)Jiangwei Shi (Full Stack Engineer)Jiyuan Xia (Software Engineer)Masasa Thapelo (Software Engineer)Obeda Velonjatovo (Front End Developer/Software Developer), Ramya Ramasamy (Full Stack Developer), Shantanu Kumar (Full Stack Software Developer)Shihao Xiong (Software Engineer)Shivansh Sharma (Software Developer), Shiwani Rajagopalan (Software Engineer), Shrey Jain (Software Engineer), Shubhankar Mishra (Software Engineer), Vikram Badhan (Software Engineer)Wanting Xu (Software Engineer), Yixiao Jiang (Software Engineer) and Zuhang Xu (Software Engineer). Shubhankar worked on configuring the work environment and addressing errors from previous weeks, conducting reviews for 10 distinct PRs (#1487, #1488, #1491, #1492, #1497, #1499, #1501, #1502, #1504, and #1505). Shiwani wrote unit tests for the AssignBadgePopup and BadgeTableFilter components, creating six test cases for each, employing mocking techniques and raising pull requests for both tasks (PR#1499 and PR#1507). Carl advanced the development of the suggestion modal for a community, participated in peer reviews and provided support in multiple meetings with team members, addressing issues in PRs #571, #602, #1414, #1489, #1490, #1491, #1501, #1507, and #1508. Jiyuan continued with 5 PR reviews (#1499, #1498, #1502, #1504, and #1505). Shantanu created test cases for the Pie Chart and new model components, implementing a null safety feature for the Pie Chart. Shihao reviewed and approved pull requests, specifically PR#1488, PR#1499, PR#1501, and PR#1502, contributing significantly to code quality. Shrey wrote unit test cases for Input.jsx and Modal.jsx, initiating pull requests (PR#1497 and PR#1501) for peer review. Ramya gave feedback for the PR testing of the Limit See All feature, engaging in discussions with the lint fix team for UserProfile component improvements, and testing high-priority Pull Requests. Anirudh discussed with several developers on different teams, gaining valuable perspectives on contributions and tasks for the development of various technical endeavors. Wanting reviewed the pull requests (PRs) she had previously created, focusing on a specific task related to making 5-letter codes editable only by Admin and Owner Class. Masasa focused on configuring the data for the pie chart to reflect team-specific information. Zuhang examined feedback from prior Pull Request evaluations. Yixiao executed a pull request for the TaskEditSuggestionRow.test.js file within a designated GitHub repository. She outlined tests for four components of TaskEditSuggestionModal.test.js file: rendering tests, integration tests, Redux tests, and several edge cases. Shivansh initiated an investigation into a newly identified bug, where a user possesses the ability to delete a team or project without the necessary permissions. Jiangwei engaged in strategic dialogues with Jae, focusing on creating unit tests for the TeamTable component. Vikram focused on configuring the local frontend and backend environments and engaged in the review of four pull requests, namely, #1507, #1501, #1499, and #1511. Look below for pictures of this work.

Reactonauts Team, Highest Good Network, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Shubhankar Mishra, configuring work environment, addressing errors, PR reviews, Shiwani, unit tests, AssignBadgePopup, BadgeTableFilter components, mocking techniques, pull requests, Carl, peer reviews, team meetings, PR issues, Jiyuan, PR reviews, Shantanu, test cases, Pie Chart, null safety feature, Shihao, pull request reviews, code quality, Shrey, unit test cases, Input.jsx, Modal.jsx, Ramya, PR feedback, Limit See All feature, lint fix team, UserProfile component, high-priority Pull Requests, Anirudh, technical endeavors, Wanting, pull request review, 5-letter codes, Admin, Owner Class, Masasa, configuring data, Zuhang, Pull Request evaluations feedback, Yixiao, TaskEditSuggestionRow.test.js file, GitHub repository, TaskEditSuggestionModal.test.js file, rendering tests, integration tests, Redux tests, edge cases, Shivansh, bug investigation, user permissions, Jiangwei, comprehensive unit tests, TeamTable component, Vikram, configuring local frontend, backend environments, pull request reviews.


This week, Skye’s summary, covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Luis Arevalo (Front End Developer) and includes Fan Yang (Software Engineer)Hector Agudelo-Carmona (Front-End Developer)Jerry Ren (Full Stack Developer)Mounica Dingar (Software Developer)Roberto Contreras (Software Developer) and Tuan Dinh (Software Engineer) This week, Jerry focused on Task 428, specifically addressing the X-hours in X-weeks streak issue for auto dropoff. He comprehended the awardNewBadges() function and manipulated the lastWeekTangibleHrs property in the userProfile document to assess checkXHrsForXWeeks(). Roberto created a unit test for the BadgeHistory component, submitting a corresponding pull request (PR) marked as 1481. Fan made efforts to Task 436, focusing on issues related to letters with accents in search functionalities. He examined the existing search method code, led the development of a specialized function designed to enhance data search capabilities with accent consideration. Luis addressed the caching issue on the backend, which was causing a bug that removed the project when adding tangible time. He modified the backend PR to conduct additional testing on the caching issue. Hector focused on resolving the time zone issue associated with the location feature, specifically when inputting Ukraine. Mounica tested on PR#1468, enhancing the functionality for task submission, review initiation, and task completion optimization. Tuan addressed issues in the previously established unit tests, specifically focusing on the Login Privileges and Pie Chart Info Details Unit Test #1491, and the Report Charts and Team Chart Group Unit Test #1495. See the collage below for their work.

Skye Team, Highest Good Network, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, Jerry, Task 428, X-hours in X-weeks streak issue, auto dropoff, awardNewBadges() function, lastWeekTangibleHrs property, userProfile document, checkXHrsForXWeeks(), Roberto, unit test, BadgeHistory component, pull request, Fan, Task 436, letters with accents, search functionalities, existing search method code, specialized function, data search capabilities, accent consideration, Luis, caching issue, backend bug, project removal, tangible time, modified backend PR, additional testing, Hector, time zone issue, location feature, Ukraine, Mounica, testing, PR#1468, task submission, review initiation, task completion optimization, Tuan, unit test issues, Login Privileges, Pie Chart Info Details Unit Test #1491, Report Charts, Team Chart Group Unit Test #1495.


The PR Review Team’s summary covering their work on the Highest Good Network software, was managed by Shaurya Sareen (Administrative Assistant). This week’s active members of this team were: Anish Pandita (Software Engineer), Hemsharavanan Bharathithasan (Software Engineer), Kavya Alla (Software Engineer)Kurtis Ivey (Software Engineer), Lu Wang (Software Engineer), Mohit Bali (Software Engineer)Palak Gosalia (Software Engineer)Sahil Patel (Software Engineer)Shuhua Liu (Software Engineer)Xuying He (Software Engineer). They reviewed all the Highest Good Network PRs (Pull Requests) shared in this week’s update. The collage below shows a compilation of the work from this team.

PR Review Team, Highest Good Network Software, Forwarding Global Cooperatives, One Community Weekly Progress Update #556, pull request, PR review, PR review team, software team, software development, Highest Good Network, Highest Good society, One Community, MERN Stack, software engineering, MongoDB, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, open source software



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