Bjarke Ingels: Sustainable Architecture Evolution

Bjarke Ingels is founder of the Danish sustainable architect group BIG out of Copenhagen. His creations are not typical 2 dimensional architect designs but rather futuristic designs like something found in Hollywood. In fact, Hollywood has even copied… Read More

Life in a Day the Film

Life in a Day is a gift; a once in a lifetime opportunity to see life from hundreds of different perspectives across the globe. Life in a Day shows the daily life of people from 192 countries as… Read More

Permaculture: Saving Humanity and the Earth

Toby Hemenway is a teacher, consultant and lecturer on permaculture and ecological design. Toby is also a professor at Portland State University, a Scholar-in-Residence at Pacific University, and a biologist consultant for the Biomimicry Guild. In this lecture… Read More

Barefoot College: Solar Technology to the Poor

Bunker Roy grew up in Inda with the most expensive elitist education. After  graduating in 1965 he told his mother he wanted to go work with the poor and see what a village was like. This disapointed her… Read More

Urban Permaculture for Communities: Re-patterning the Grid

Visionary and eco-architect Mark Lakeman is founder of City Repair, Communitecture Architects, and the Planet Repair Institute. Mark goes against the traditional architecture teachings that humanity and nature are separate. Instead he brings these two concepts together, expressing them in beautiful… Read More

Earthship Bio-Architecture: The Food Producing Sustainable Home

Earthship bio-architecture was first created by Michael Reynolds from Taos, New Mexico in the 1970’s. This new model of green infrastructure uses recycled tires that are beat full of earth to create thick, solid walls for your home… Read More

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard – by Roger Doiron

How to grow a revolution in your own backyard? Grow your own food. Join a fast growing number of Americans who are taking back control over their food and what they do with their yards. Transform your unproductive,… Read More

Sustainable Building: Straw-bale Eco-Architecture

Featured on Planet Green and “The World’s Greenest Homes” TV show, Kevin Edwards’ 3000 square foot straw-bale constructed home is beautiful, green, more affordable than traditionally built homes, and packed with amazing eco-features. Located in Scottsdale, AZ, this… Read More

Thrive: A Wake Up Call

Thrive is a newly released, visual stunning transformational movie about the state of affairs on our planet and some suggestions for solutions and new ways of thinking about the way that we live our lives. The movie is… Read More

Solutions for Desertification: Afforestation/Anti-Desertification Video

In many parts of the world, land once ripe for farming is turning into desert and losing life due to the process of desertification; this is the case in the Niger Republic of Africa. Land desertification is causing… Read More