One Community Welcomes 1Stop Energies as Our Newest Renewable Alternative Energy Partner

unification coil, vortex energy coil, sustainable energy, free energy, eco-energy, increasing energy efficiency, green energy evolution, new energy technologyWe are happy to announce that One Community is now partnered with 1Stop Energies, the makers of the new renewable alternative energy Unification Coil. Invented and created by Daniel & Erica Nunez, the Unification Coil is a product of the combined work of Marco Rodin’s “Rodin Coil” and Randy Powell’s “ABHA Coil.” We will be blogging later this week on the details of this technology and how we are looking forward to seeing it demonstrated on the One Community property.

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1Stop Energies (Daniel and Erica)

renewable sources of energy, non conventional sources of energy, renewable energy, renewable energy solutions, ecological energy, clean energy sources, new energy technology1Stop Energies is engaging one of the most controversial sectors of sustainability: new renewable alternative energy technology. They have an extensive selection of videos demonstrating the usefulness and effectiveness of a new Vortex Coil they have developed to “raise the efficiency of most devices on the market.” Aligning with One Community’s open source values they have also already free-shared the designs for duplication. Once our traditional energy infrastructure is complete for Phase I of our build, 1Stop Energies has pledged to bring their Vortex Coil Technology to One Community’s building of Pod 2 so we can explore together and specifically measure and document how their technology can increase efficiency through integration with a large-scale solar panel and battery bank array like ours.


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