SEGO Center City Hub Eco-architecture Updates!

Meg West (Landscape Architect, Permaculturalist, and founder of Meg West Design) has completed the second generation layout drawings of the natural pool and eco hot tub component of the SEGO Center!

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One Community 2nd Generation Natural Pool and Eco Hot Tub Designs – Click to Enlarge

Andrew Sadera (Architect Drafter and Designer) and Karl Harris (Architect Drafter, Designer, and founder of Harris Design & Technology Services) have also completed the following SEGO Center CAD floors 1 and 2 evolution including seating details, the second floor design in the dining area, the ADA compliant room in the Living Dome, and the second floor added to the Living Dome.

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The SEGO Center Floors 1 and 2 – Click to Enlarge

Complete details regarding this building are on our SEGO Center Details Page:

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