Energetic vs Monetary Exchange

This was figured out by one of our Community Pioneers.

“1. If one person contributes 40 hours per week for 50 weeks a year and we were to “pay” them $20/hour, that’s a $40,000 salary. Multiply that by 40 people and we’ve got a workforce worth $1,600,000. That’s $1,600,000 that we don’t have to pay outside contractors to build for us.

2. If we go to 3 classes per day for $15/class times 40 people times 365 days, that’s $657,000 worth of education! Its also $16,425 per person, as much as being a full-time student at many universities!

3. If we received 2 hour long sessions of healing/bodywork per week for $75 a session times 40 people times 50 weeks, that’s $300,000 worth of high quality holistic care. That’s $7,500 per person, a number I would only dream of being able to put into self care in the outside world.

Wow. Over 2.5 million bucks a year if we we’re doing this in the old paradigm. Look at how much value each and everyone of us bring. And that’s just putting it lightly. The emotional and spiritual value that we are creating and receiving isn’t able to be measured because its simply everflowing and unlimited.

Cool, huh?”

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