Garbage Warrior

Michael Reynolds builds living spaces out of garbage. He takes all of the things that are thrown out locally and turns them into houses. But not only are they houses, they are each unique, beautiful living structures, enviroartistically designed and completely self-sufficient.

These incredible pieces of art, called Earthships are all completely different.  Each one is specifically designed for it’s specific climate and situation.  And most of it is experimental and experiential, exploring new terrain in sustainable design and awe-inspiring architecture.

All of the Earthships that Reynolds has designed are completely self-sufficient, using techniques that include harnessing the rainwater from the roofs for drinking water and using plants and aquaponics in the design for sewage/septic and food production.  Through passive solar, his houses tend to stay a comfortable 70-75 degrees year round despite location using no energy.  The Earthships are even designed to be earthquake and tsunami resistant.  Reynolds believes that most of his buildings could withstand a 9.0 richter earthquake.

Michael Reynolds also has the humanitarian spirit.  After having his architectural license revoked and ordered to stop building by Taos county in New Mexico, his drive grew even stronger. Shortly after a large tsunami in the Indian Ocean hit the Eastern Coast of India,Reynolds and his crew of builders relocated, bringing Earthship ideas and designs with them.  He began building houses for the locals there, amidst all the destruction.  These beautiful structures popped up like fungus after a fire, being built from the pieces of  wreckage.  He was paying children in the street one rupee for each bottle they would bring to him.  He taught these people how to do this type of building and has continued to do so around the world.  Guatamela, Haiti, Sierra Leon and many others have received Michael as an Earthship emissary.

To learn more about Michael Reynolds and his Earthship designs, watch the newly released movie Garbage Warrior.

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