Why Open Source Sustainable Living Communities – One Community Weekly Progress Update #3

Here’s our sustainable living communities open source project-launch blueprinting update (#3) for the week of March 11, 2013 including updated aquaponics/aquapini drawings, the newest SEGO Center City Hub export, open source Education for Life updates, and more. Also our weekly… Read More

One Community’s First Video Update – One Community Weekly Progress Update #1

This is One Community’s first video update, covering the week of February 25, 2013. If you like this form of update, please comment, like, and/or share it so we know. If the response is positive we will do… Read More

Village Development Plan: One Community Open Source Infrastructure Update

Karl Harris (Architect Drafter, Designer, and founder of Harris Design & Technology Services) has also completed the first 3D renderings of the SEGO Center City Hub. Here is his initial 3D iteration of the cupola meditation and multi-media center that functions as… Read More

One Community Launches National Volunteer Campaign and Other Updates

One Community is happy to announce that we have launched a national nonprofit volunteer campaign in preparation for the release of our open source collaborative portal, to assist with our swiftly developing education program, and our on-going infrastructure details…. Read More

One Community Update

We just emailed an update to a couple of our closest collaborators for global transformation and realized we should share that update here too! Here’s what we are up to over the holidays: Our non-profit application will be open-source… Read More

Center of Peace and Aquaponics Moving Forward

The SEGO Center City Hub and Aquaponics designs continue to move forward! New images are now available on the SEGO Center Details page and the Aquaponics Details page. We’re also happy to announce that we’ve received a lot of new… Read More

Garbage Warrior

Michael Reynolds builds living spaces out of garbage. He takes all of the things that are thrown out locally and turns them into houses. But not only are they houses, they are each unique, beautiful living structures, enviroartistically… Read More

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