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Global Sustainability Solution

The time has come for a solution versus a bandage for the pressing issues of today’s world. Right now over 40,000 people each day starve to death, 1.6 billion people (1/4th of humanity) are without electricity, and over 100 million people worldwide are without a home. One Community is providing a solution to this in the form of a comprehensive model that addresses all of these problems simultaneously because they are all interconnected. This comprehensive (versus individual) approach is foundational to creating the global sustainability solution capable of transforming our planet in the way that is needed to benefit everyone, everywhere.




What we are creating is designed to empower people to help each other. Some people want to make a difference in the world. Other people just want a different life for themselves. One Community’s 4-phase strategy makes both happen simultaneously. Sustainable infrastructure provides a life that wouldn’t be possible without it for those willing to invest. Wherever this sustainable infrastructure is built establishes a teacher/demonstration hub that provides food, energy, and housing where it is needed most – not as a bandage or short-term solution, but as a permanent and sustainable settlement. The goal of this strategy is to put mainstream money behind evolving sustainability initiatives by providing average people, with average means, a path to dramatically improving their own lives and the lives of others.

One Community is creating open source and free-shared blueprints purposed to specifically identify everything people need to establish their own self-sufficient teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities anywhere in the world. The areas we are specifically open source blueprinting include:


Each of these areas is being addressed to be duplicated as individual components and/or a complete village infrastructure. We are doing the design work, identifying all the related expenses, forming the relationships to make it more affordable, and creating all the necessary information and education resources for duplication. As we build One Community we will open source even more information, enough to become the #1 provider of open source information in the world (click here for details). We will also double check all of our information, identify exactly how much time investment people can expect, and further streamline the entire process.

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The global sustainability solution we are creating makes foodenergy, and housing resources available in new ways and to more people than ever before. We’re teaching people that what they can build for themselves provides more quality, stability, and value than what they can buy in the store. Our marketing engine is open source sharing everything for free and our “product” is giving people control over their food, finances, and how they live.

If we make this affordable and easy enough it will predictably spread locally and globally. Alternative building methods are easier to apply in the areas of the world that need them most because these areas have land and materials that are more affordable and less building codes and limitations (if any). To help the idea spread locally we are designing models specifically to meet and then expand the International Building Code too. These are all elements we see creating exponential growth of our model.


Possibly most important of all is the fact that we are creating a path for anyone who wants it to live a life of purpose. By defining for people exactly what is needed to create something different and beneficial for themselves and others, we are demystifying the process or living off-grid, growing your own food, building your own home, establishing an education program, operating a related for-profit and/or non-profit business, and ultimately becoming part of the global solution. The more people participate, the closer we move to the sustainable planet that is possible.

As a Highest Good of All organization, our goal is to make participation as easy, affordable, and compelling as possible.