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Fulfilled Living

replicable living model that meets people’s foundational needs, is more balanced and fun, and also good for our shared planet, has the potential to positively and permanently transform the world for everyone. More and more people are beginning to realize the possibility of living this way not only for themselves, but for The Highest Good of All. We are here to help people interested in developing this as a lifestyle and world-changing movement that celebrates, shares, and spreads the human potential for a life of purpose, growth, happiness, creativity, cooperation, collaboration, innovation, and meaningful interaction with each other and our world community.

This page is about how the One Community core value of Fulfilled Living is used in decision making, foundational to the self-replicating teacher/demonstration community, village, and city model, and how and why we suggest integrating and prioritizing this in any approach to Highest Good society. It contains the following sections:

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a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifeFor One Community, fulfilled living means building a place for The Highest Good of All where we demonstrate comprehensive self-sustainability, share it as our continual contribution to the forward movement of our planet, and host the diversity of personal growth, recreation, and social activities necessary to provide for the majority of people’s ideas of living a life that is rich and inspired. It is a teacher/demonstration village of unique and beautiful design, inspired people making a difference, and a culture of personal growth and sharing the things we are most passionate about. It is also purposed to serve everyone because our open source model is designed to provide people what they need to establish comprehensive sustainability and then use the time and financial freedom they create to duplicate our model in the way that works best for each individual or group.

The following are foundational to One Community’s fulfilled-living approach:


In decision making* at One Community, the core value of “Fulfilled Living” is applied by asking ourselves the following three key questions:

  • How can this move us towards growth and possibilities even more?
  • How can this enrich the environment or situation even more for us and others?
  • How can this enhance the holistic synergy of ALL aspects of fulfilled Highest Good of All living, even more.

To ensure we are always aligned with our purpose, values, and mission, One Community uses the values as defined by our organization as the compass for all our decision making; we then factor in the diversity of individual perspectives and experiences. We highly recommend this approach because it saves us hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of collaborative decision making time. If you are considering our model as a template for your own creation, we especially recommend you apply this approach too and use, adapt, or completely change the values we’ve presented so you too can create a clear guidance system that aligns with your own organizational/group/individual needs.



a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifeWe believe fulfilled living is what people want most in life, and showing people how to create it will start a massive movement with exponential participation. This will begin the large-scale building of eco-living models that will become self-replicating and positively and permanently transform the planet for everyone. Specifically demonstrating a model to reduce financial burden, create healthier environments, and allow people to work less and spend more time doing the things they love is:

This chart shows why we feel this is so necessary and desired:

Building a Highest Good Society Model

Better is possible.


The One Community experience is meant to provide unparalleled variety, diversity, flexibility, and opportunity for people to live a life that is rich and fulfilling through a culture of collaboration, creation, and sharing while meeting our global open source goals. As a demonstration and foundation for contributing to advancing these ideas, One Community has designed a community contribution model for maximizing efficiency and productivity while providing significantly more free time and ways to enjoy that time than traditional living models typically provide. This is possible because domestic duties, building tasks, open source project-launch blueprinting activities, and maintenance of the entire One Community living model are rolled into the 40-hour participation week we call community contribution. This includes everything necessary to maintain One Community as a non-profit leader of international sustainability development, functioning teacher/demonstration village anyone can visit, as well as a broad diversity of social, recreational, and personal growth activities within a few minutes walk.

Time availability is additionally increased through the elimination of the extra hours many people work outside of their workplace, elimination of the need to commute, on-site availability of childcare and schooling (for those who choose the community education model), and an efficiency model we apply to all tasks.



a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifeA culture and daily living experience of collaboration, creation, and sharing is a key component of One Community’s global transformation methodology and open source sharing goals. The complete teacher/demonstration hub and model is designed to teach and share the experience of a full-emersion re-learning of life as an experience of nurturing, celebrating, and unleashing the human potential.

One Community is here to exemplify this through open source sharing our sustainable infrastructure, consensus governing, a resource based economy, childcare and education, business model, etc. This also includes our constantly evolving and broad diversity of daily classes and recreational activities including: live music, art, reading groups, dance/exercise, mindfulness practices, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, diverse spirituality, game nights, movie nights, nature education, writing, computer programming, and anything else at least 5% or more people (see the Highest Good Society page) desire to participate in as part of their recreational/social contribution aspect of community contribution. All these opportunities will be open to everyone living at One Community and the public once we are ready for that phase of sharing.

As stated above, this will create a daily living experience that includes:

new way to live, celebrate humanity, celebration, one community


Highest Good society, fulfilled living, enriched life, enriching life, living to live, how to live an enriched life, keeping it all running, sustainable living, social architecture, fulfilled living, thriving, thrivability, emotional sustainability, the good life, a new way to liveKeeping One Community and the fulfilled living model running successfully will be handled through the consensus process by prioritizing the fundamentals and a built-in inclusion of the social/recreational structure. Community development, open source creation, cooking, building, food production, and community operation and maintenance are focused upon first. Additional community contribution time is then used to make our organization and environment an even more globally impactful, fun, and enriching place to be. People create their own schedules with accountability that can be easily audited by anyone so fairness is ensured (see the Highest Good Network app), tasks are rotated and accomplished by working in teams to make them more fun, and the consensus and collaborative process will be used to evolve all aspects of the day to day process through voluntary weekly meetings.

In the case of the beginning stages of community building, when we have so much we need to accomplish that we could spend 100% of everyone’s community contribution and still not get it done, we are prioritizing the social/recreational structure and allocating 5 hours per person to it to make sure this aspect is attended to. With a starting group of approximately 40 people, this means maintenance of a pool of roughly 200 hours hosting different activities each week, or 28 hours a day, creating a diversity of options for growth, recreation, and enrichment contribution that can be filled by any activity open to the group and supported by at least three people choosing to attend.



One Community has also created a Fulfilled Living Lesson Plan as part of the open source Highest Good Education component. This lesson plan is purposed to teach all subjects, to any learning level, in any environment using the central theme of “Fulfilled Living.” Here is the mind map for the lesson plan:

Fulfilled Living Lesson Plan, One Community

Lesson Plan Mindmap for Fulfilled Living – Click to visit the complete lesson plan page



a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifeAs more and more people are beginning to look for ways to live a balanced, fun fulfilling life, we see building teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities like One Community as a path to financial and time freedom, so people may do the things they want to do in an environment rich with options and opportunities. One Community is purposed to demonstrate and open source share both the sustainable infrastructure and the social architecture to make this possible. The more fulfilled and enjoyable we demonstrate our own lives to be within this model, the more people will want to build teacher/demonstration models like One Community. This is part of our Highest Good of All philosophy and foundational to our 4-phase global sustainability strategy.



Q: Where can I learn more about your other values and how you use each of them in your organization?

Click the icons below to be taken to a complete page for each value:

living and creating for The Highest Good of All, global transformation, making a difference, good for people, good for the planet, good for the economy, good for everyone, the solution to everythingopen source, open source sustainability, open source worldevolving sustainability, negative-waste living, emotional sustainability, economical sustainability, food sustainability, housing sustainability, social sustainability, green living, sustainable communities, eco-communities, sustainability, Highest Good living, sustainable education, sustainable food, sustainable energy, sustainable energyHighest Good Communication, Communication, communicating, Highest Good societyTrue Community, how to build community, facilitating global community, community building, for The Highest Good of All, One Community, a new way to live, a new way of living, open source world, creating world change, One Community, 40+ tips for community making, One Communityconsensus governing, conscious governing, enlightened governing, consensus for groups, achieving consensus, operating consensuscommunity contribution, a new way of living, time as your only currency, transforming life as we know it, Highest Good Society, One Community, sustainable community, Highest Good living, giving back, making a difference
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Q: Where can I get more information about your philosophies for world change?

Please take a look at each of these additional pages: (click icons)

living and creating for The Highest Good of All, global transformation, making a difference, good for people, good for the planet, good for the economy, good for everyone, the solution to everythingglobal cooperation, solutions that create solutions, global collaborationa new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving lifetransforming the global environment, transformational change, evolving living, One Community, One Community Global, creating a new world, the solution to everything, the solution to everything, the solution to anything, creating world change, open source future, for The Highest Good of All, a world that works for everyone, world change, transforming the planet, difference makers, sustainability non-profit, solution based thinking, being the change we want to see in the world, making a difference, sustainable planet, global cooperative, 501c3 sustainability, creating our future, architects of the future, engineers of the future, sustainable civilization, a new civilization, a new way to live, ecological world, people working together, Highest Good food, Highest Good energy, Highest Good housing, Highest Good education, Highest Good society

Q: What would a day with community contribution at One Community look like?

Take a look at the community contribution page for a detailed example of what a couple of “average” days at One Community might look like from waking up to going to bed.

Q: Why are you basing your model on a set amount of weekly contribution?

Please see the FAQ section of the community contribution page for a detailed answer.

Q: Why do activities need to be open to group participation?

One Community is purposed to share itself with each other and the world as an example of a more fulfilled and enriching experience. Activities that are a part of the social architecture contribution are designed to meet this criteria and are therefore maintained as open to all of One Community and the public (once we are established enough to host visitors).

Q: Can classes have a maximum number of participants?

Yes, classes of this nature will be agreed upon by consensus and operate with an open signup sheet and waiting list.

Q: Do people have to participate?

No, using community contribution hours to contribute to the social architecture and personal growth elements of One Community is optional.

Q: How many weekly hours of activities for fulfilled living and personal growth options are projected will be available at One Community?

Initially we will start with 50 Pioneer Members. If only half of these members contributed 5 hours a week to the social architecture and fulfilled living elements of One Community, it would equal 125 hours a week. If these hours were divided into 1-2 hour classes, this would equal a minimum of 8 classes a day. We project participation will be higher than 50% and our membership will grow to hundreds as we continue to expand our infrastructure.

Q: Who will take all these classes?

Residents and visitors will have free access to all classes. Residents will also have significantly more free time than traditional living environments to enjoy classes because everything will be within walking distance, driving will also not be needed for workfood, and education, and the community contribution model includes domestic duties like cooking, cleaning, and laundry.