New Proposal Format For Community Consideration

This page is the new proposal format and form for consideration of a new idea. Its purpose is to make sure any community development proposal is presented with a solid foundation of the information we feel is most beneficial as a foundation for further exploration and evolution of any idea.


When filling this out, we ask people to remember that the One Community decision making and policy proposal process is designed to encourage and support a culture of ‘how can I help’ and ‘build on top of’ collaboration and cooperative input. When gathering the information necessary to complete this form and suggest a new policy or decision that a person would like considered, we ask that people please approach the task remembering that existing policies, procedures, structures and all other components of One Community have had 100’s if not 1000’s of hours invested in their design. With this in mind, we aim to move forward faster and more effectively through a desire is to “build on top of, and evolve” versus redesign and/or start over.


Click here for a review of the decision making process and proposal steps

● Please try and limit your proposal to 1 page in 11 pt. font with a blank first page for notes

● Please do not submit your idea until you have completed ALL aspects of the Proposal Form Below so that your proposal can be fully and efficiently considered. If you have questions, contact the Project Facilitator that you feel your proposal is most related to.

● As a reminder and guide for everyone who ends up working with a proposal, please remember to include the following statement at the top:

The following proposal is submitted in the spirit of “how can I help” and forward-moving and collaborative input. When reading it and adding input, please do so with a desire to “build on top of, and evolve” this idea versus redesign and/or start over with it. Reminder to also please add your name to the top of this document once you have added your input and to remember to use a different color than anyone else for any additions/edits to the content itself.


For internal purposes, we us Google Docs and ask that a new GDoc be created where a person will first paste in the requested statement above and then answer the following questions in as much detail as possible before submitting to the review team.

  1. What is the proposal, problem, solution, question, etc.?
  2. Why do you feel it is necessary/how does it help?
  3. When do you believe it needs to be completed by?
  4. How specifically will the plan/proposal be carried out (please list all tasks/action items involved to successfully implement this plan/proposal)?
  5. Who will enact/manage this proposal/task (please list everyone you think will need to be involved in the above listed tasks)?
  6. How many hours of contribution do you estimate it will take (please list your best estimate of hours for each individual named above and their task(s))?
  7. How much will it cost (include/attach complete materials cost and source breakdown)?
  8. What potential obstacles/hurdles do you see with this proposal?
  9. What are your suggested solutions to those obstacles?
  10. What additional and relevant links, resources, etc. do you have?

Reminder that we ask that you do your best to keep the above requested information to ONE PAGE total plus, when needed, the requested materials cost and source breakdown attachment.

One Community