One Community Project Teams

Project Teams are the organizational groups we use to collaborate on the various developing components of One Community. The effectiveness of these teams is maintained through a culture of ‘how can I help’ and ‘build on top of’ to keep us functioning efficiently and effectively. This page describes the function and structure of Project Teams.




Project Teams are the teams managing each of the areas of development of One Community. Our Progress Update Page lists the current areas that we are working on and we form Project Teams for all areas we are collaborating on in groups. When new people join One Community they either work independently or, if a Project Team exists, they join and collaborate within that team. If they join a Project Team, they are then connected with their Project Team Facilitator(s) and Welcome Team Facilitator to help get them up to speed with everything that is happening in the specific project(s) and with One Community as a whole.

Here is an overview of One Community’s project team management structure, organization, and function:

  • Identify projects and coordinate completion
    • Collaborate on tasks to be completed
    • Create timeline for completion of tasks
    • Report progress on weekly project team calls

SELF-EVALUATION: Are projects on track to meet deadlines?

  • Are individuals meeting community’s contribution needs?
  • Are specific project organizers effectively coordinating action?
    • Unclear goals? (–> seek clarity)
    • Lacking expertise? (–> action item to bring in necessary help)
    • Team goals unrealistic? (–> recommend new goals)
    • Team cohesion/interpersonal dynamics? (–> feedback format, seek external assistance)
  • Additional support for Project Teams: Are we being effective?
    • If necessary adjustments/changes as appropriate:
      • In project goals
      • In team facilitator
      • In team members

Project Team Facilitators are selected based their understanding of the One Community project as a whole and their ongoing ability to lead their project. Duties of the Project Team Facilitator include:

  • Coordination of Project Team Projects with all project team members
  • Provide updates on weekly calls with the entire team (or delegate updates)
  • Facilitate and moderate team meetings
    • Establish agenda items
    • Host calls
    • Take notes on calls (or assign a note taker)