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Community Project Proposal Format

This page is purposed to open source share the decision making process steps we use for a new community project proposal. As our community grows, the purpose of this format is to give a person with an idea a format for presenting that idea for review and evolution by a smaller group before making it a full community issue. The creation of this process stemmed from countless hours invested as an entire team in community development project proposals and other ideas that we now realize are much more efficiently and effectively presented if they are A) well organized and fully thought out before presenting them and B) discussed and evolved in smaller groups with a broad understanding of the One Community project as a whole.




To avoid unnecessary administration, the process outlined here is only used if it is requested and most decisions are instead handled through a much simpler collaborative process of the Project Teams and/or through discussions that happen on the Weekly Team Calls.

Community Project Proposal Format Step 1:

Complete the New Proposal Form

Community Project Proposal Format Step 2:

Present the completed New Proposal Form to a Review Team comprised of members that have been a part of One Community for a minimum of 6 months, gone through consensus training, and includes 1 member from each Project Team (5 total). Jae is currently a member of this team and responsible for choosing and rotating the team members until we get on the property. Team members are chosen based on the above criteria and contribution and understanding of the One Community project as a whole.

Community Project Proposal Format Step 3:

Review Team publicly posts and announces proposal as GDoc and then decides if it:
> Needs more work or can be decided by the Review Team
> Would better be evolved and decided by a Project Team
> Should be brought to the whole community for more revision and vote
> Should wait (i.e. better decided on the property, better made with more of the team, etc.)

Community Project Proposal Format Step 4:

Proposal moves to appropriate next step, as per Review Team, for further review/evolution
> Conversations related to the evolution and discussion of the proposal are then recorded on the public GDoc

Community Project Proposal Format Step 5:

Discussion until specified deadline for a vote, or until the person proposing believes they have a 70% majority support and calls for a vote (as per this page) via email and recorded at the top of the proposal — if “yes”, it’s enacted (and added to the website) — if “no”, it’s tabled or reworked to be represented for another vote

Other Notes:

> This process is only necessary if someone requests it on an issue
> Following up to make sure everyone voted, if needed, would be assigned by the Review Team
> An idea can be appealed by presenting it to the Project Team that would handle enacting the Proposal or re-presenting it to the RT if they’d assigned it to a Project Team that said “no”

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