One Community Welcomes Ron Payne to the Core Team as Our First Satellite Member!

One Community is excited to welcome Ron Payne to the core team as our first Satellite Member. Ron brings a broad diversity of hands-on experience covering everything from plumbing and welding to computer programming and troubleshooting to everything related to HVAC systems (boilers, turbines, heat exchangers, pumps, condensers, etc.). As a member of the team, he’s already begun applying this experience and knowledge to the heating and cooling strategies and systems for both the One Community Highest Good food and Highest Good housing infrastructure.

Ron PayneHVAC / Thermal Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Advocate for Smaller Living: Ron graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He first studied at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point N.Y. after a congressional nomination. He studied and excelled in Marine Systems Engineering before leaving the academy. Ron is a veteran of two wars in two branches of service, the Navy and Army, over an 8-year span. He is adept with machines and has worked in the semiconductor manufacturing industry repairing and maintaining complex equipment. Most recently Ron has returned to his desire to do more design work by working with a large semiconductor manufacturer to help design the HVAC systems for their newest factory. 

Given time off and fair winds, you can find Ron sailing the Columbia River in his sailboat “Hot Chocolate” in the summer months. He also enjoys windsurfing, hiking, SCUBA diving, and is a licensed paraglider pilot. Fancying himself a globe trotter, Ron has been around the world once and has had the pleasure of meeting many people from many different places and sharing a drink and fine conversation with most. Ron will often enjoys delving into a good science fiction, historical fiction, steampunk, and anthropological non-fiction book at times. Referring to himself as a “romantic pragmatist,” Ron appreciates the magic of the real world and the attitude of Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).






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