One Community Welcomes The Evolver Network as Our Newest Partnering Organization

One Community is happy to welcome a partnership with The Evolver Network!

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The Evolver Network‘s mission is to provide a platform for positive transformation of the self and community through education, celebration, and co-creation. The grand vision of the Evolver Social Movement is to create an international alternate social structure of evolvers who share their talents, resources, wisdom, and passions in building a better, more equitable world. They promote and support an emerging value system that is sustainable, full of meaning, and founded on human connection. Their focus is representing a community that appreciates the magical aspects of life and cultivates a visceral connection to the natural world. As a One Community partner, Evolver and One Community are working together to promote a sustainable planet of happier and more conscious and conscientious people through collaborative sharing, education, and promotion.

Welcome to the team Evolver, it’s great to be part of the Global Evolution with you!





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