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Online Component Creation Template

One Community uses online project planning for almost all of our tasks. Our open source online project planner template is designed to divide large tasks into smaller task that we call “project components.” These components are the pieces of any larger project that we then divide into 4-hour actionable tasks.


It is important to keep in mind when engaging any component of your project that you don’t have to personally have all of the knowledge necessary to complete the component to go through this process successfully. In fact, this process itself is specifically purposed for three things:

  • Establish the knowledge you need to keep the component moving forward
  • Create an illustration of the component for easy sharing and evolving with others
  • Identify specific questions those with the specific answers can answer for you/us
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Click this image to be taken to the open source Google Docs version with additional notes

Here is the bullet-point breakdown of the above project component creation process and flowchart:


We are very fortunate to live in a day and age where we have access to virtually unlimited knowledge and resources through the internet. With this in mind, this process has been detailed to show how anyone with absolutely no knowledge of a subject can:

  1. Gain the knowledge you need to work intelligently with something that may be new to you
  2. Use that knowledge to illustrate and evolve your idea through doable phases of creation
  3. Identify the exact questions you need answered by someone with more experience
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have a component that can be put into motion and created

STEP 1: Create a Component Google Doc

Visit the open source Google Doc Component Creation Template and follow the instructions there to duplicate that document so you can complete all the following steps by inputting info into the duplicate.

STEP 2: Gather Information

  • What research do you need to do to:
    • Have an understanding of the subject
    • Be able to talk to knowledgeable people and ask informed questions
    • Take this component from “idea” to “illustration” so others can understand it too

STEP 3: Identify Questions You Need Answered

  • What answers do you need that you can’t you find yourself?
    • If “none” then your component is ready for Step 5
    • If you have questions and need help to move forward:
      • Questions should now be specific enough to easily get answers
        • If not, return to step #2 to gather more information
      • You should now have enough information on the subject/component to:
        • Explain what you are trying to do to anyone
        • Know who to ask for the information you need

STEP 4: Get the Information You Need

  • Who Has the information you need to keep moving forward?
    • Email the team to see if someone can help
    • Make contact with an expert and ask them your questions
    • Seek to add the necessary skill set to the team while continuing to move forward

STEP 5: Record Component in Google Doc

  • Does it now have the details to build it/put it into motion/add it to the project/etc.?
    • Completed Component Creation Template Including:
      • Clear and easy to understand diagrams and description
      • Specific plan outlining what is needed from start to finish of component:
        • Necessary resources identified
        • Implementation steps detailed and organized

If “yes” → Share with team and start on next component
If “no” → Return to Step 2

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