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One Community Welcome Teams

One Community uses Welcome Teams to help new members get up to speed, promote group facilitation skills, and further team building and leadership development. This page is the outline of the purpose and function of Welcome Teams and Welcome Team Facilitators:




The purpose of the Welcome Teams is to maintain a smaller community environment where people can share what is going on in their lives and, as we grow beyond 20 people, the diversity of happenings of the different Project Teams. With a team less than 20 people, the goal of the Welcome Teams is a monthly social call. Once the team grows beyond 20 people, the Welcome Team focus expands like this:

  • Share with each other what is being accomplished by individuals
  • Space where larger One Community issues can be brought up for discussion
  • Social space for support whether personal or One Community related
  • Place to check if someone needs community contribution direction or help

The Welcome Team Facilitator role is selected based on their understanding of the One Community project as a whole and their ongoing ability to facilitate the smooth functioning of their Welcome Team.

MAIN DUTIES: Facilitate monthly Welcome Team Call and answer questions
  • Host a monthly team call to:
    • Do a personal check-in: how are you doing?
    • Check in on work done for OC: what have you been up to?
    • Discuss any and all OC issues in a collaborative, supportive environment: how is your relationship with OC?
    • Determine if any issues discussed require seeking external support (to answer/seek clarity on questions/issue, etc.)
  • Take a leadership role for answering any Welcome Team Member questions

SELF-EVALUATION: Are Welcome Teams on track? 

  • Are individuals participating in calls?
  • Are Welcome Team Facilitators coordinating effectively?
    • Are teams meeting regularly?
    • Do team members feel their questions are being responded to?
  • Additional support for Welcome Teams and Facilitators: Are we being effective?
    • If necessary adjustments/changes as appropriate:
      • In team facilitator
      • In team members


Team calls are foundational to the effective functioning of our organization. Per the One Community Hands-Off Administrative Policy, the following guidelines have been established for the Weekly Team Calls, Welcome Team Calls, and Project Team Calls:

Attendees are expected to join all calls punctually at there starting time and remain on the call for the full duration. However, when an emergency or unexpected event may arise, to be counted as “in attendance” and avoid a blue square (see the Policies and Procedures) for Welcome Team and Weekly Team calls, the following must be met (Project Team calls are arranged with the Project Team leader):

  1. A person must join the call no later than 30 minutes after it has begun.
  2. A person must be on the call for a minimum of 30 minutes, or until the call ends in the case that the call ends less than 30 minutes from when the person joined.

In these situations, a person is expected to email the team if at all possible, and include in their email the time they expect to join the call so that everyone knows when to expect them and to minimize disruption to the team. (See also the Communication page.)