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Sovereignism Defined: A political and social structure designed to encourage and support the self-creation and sustainability of liberty and freedom for all people individually, governmentally, economically, and culturally. This can be viewed as the evolution of the combined systems of socialism, communism, and capitalism. In our opinion, sovereignism is the next step of societies capable of sustaining themselves and willing to do whatever is for The Highest Good of All as we gently and peacefully transition from existing models to something better.

Accomplishing this is achieved through a commitment to some basic higher consciousness thinking principles:

Open source sharing of information and ideas
For The Highest Good of All versus competitive business practices
● Practicing fairness, equality, and acceptance of others in all aspects of life
● Peaceful participation in existing systems until they are no longer necessary
Sustainability practices that free us from the yoke of energy, food, and shelter dependence
● Sustainability and lifestyle practices that provide for more than they require to sustain themselves, increasing abundance for everyone

Sovereignism, as the name implies, is about freedom from anything that would restrict, enslave, subjugate, suppress, oppress, exploit, bind, persecute or in any way disenfranchise an individual; and solutions for The Highest Good of All that help others achieve this freedom too.



Creating a social and governmental system founded on a commitment to building sovereignism is a method of redefining abundance and wealth, exemplifying sustainability and self-sufficiency, reducing the burden on the current political and economic system, and creating a sustainable alternative to government sponsored support programs. Capitalism is focused on private ownership and operation for personal profit. Communism is focused on group reward by creating a classless society structured on common ownership and means of production. Socialism is focused on group reward through self-management and the equalizing of power-relations. SOVEREIGNISM is focused on individual reward and success through thinking for The Highest Good of All and group created freedom from capitalist, communist, and socialist models by teaching and establishing living models that meet all individual survival needs (food, shelter, and energy) while encouraging individualism, personal expression, creativity, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Probably the greatest difference between sovereignism and all other governmental models is that it is not just about governance, but a mindset and a culture as well. Because sovereignism is founded on fairness, cooperation, and collaboration, it is a commitment to organizing and making decisions for The Highest Good of All that reaches beyond the limits of government, business, and commerce to include how we interact with each other and the rest of our global community. It is for this reason that sovereignism does not wish to battle or overthrow current systems of government when it is so much easier to just positively contribute to these systems while working together to create something even better.

Sovereignism also believes we are more capable of achieving success as individuals when we treat each other as equals, encourage each other’s individuality, and work together. Good friends, supportive families, and ethical businesses understand and routinely utilize this model and sovereignism sees no reason why we shouldn’t extend this level of harmony and cohesion to our global family as well. In doing this we create sustainable relationships because they are win-win relationships; and it is these sustainable relationships that help us all to achieve and accomplish more.

Sovereignists pay their taxes, vote if they feel inclined, and appreciate people’s freedom to live as they choose. They enjoy working together over competing with each other, consensus over hierarchical power structures, sustainability over waste, and celebrating the diversity of humanity over ideologies of judgment and separatism.

Thomas Paine said, “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.” This is what we believe we are seeing happening in the world today and sovereignism and thinking for The Highest Good of All are, in our opinions, one solution.




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