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One Community is designed to offer an open source platform for nearly unparalleled entrepreneurial opportunity for those interested in business building and development. Offering this as an option for those joining One Community is in addition to the fact that the initial One Community model is designed to:

This page is about the One Community entrepreneurial model for people interested in business building within One Community.

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Highest-Good-Entrepreneurialism-IconPeople joining One Community do so with zero financial input and business building is optional because the comprehensive sustainability model and revenue streams provide for all basic needs. If a person desires to build a business at One Community, the business pays a percentage of revenue to One Community and will fall into one of two categories: Community Sponsored or Independent. The difference between the two is One Community has a financial, managerial, and labor investment in Community Sponsored businesses (see below).

Building a business with One Community has the following benefits for the individual:

  • Built-in One Community marketing engine
  • Financing and free labor if needed (see below)
  • Non-existence of traditional overhead expenses like utility bills and rent
  • Unparalleled diversity of skills, business knowledge, and collaborative input constantly available

Building a business with One Community provides the following benefits for One Community:

  • Contribution to community income streams shared by the community*
  • Business building is a social activity that can help bring people together even more
  • Opportunity to include some part of the business in our open source model as we market it
  • Opportunity to leverage the huge talent base and skill sets of our members in a beneficial way

* Businesses operated from within One Community will be charged according to their usage of One Community resources. Oversight of organizations within One Community and the rates that govern their resource usage will be established through the One Community consensus governance model.


Highest Good for-profit businessIndependent businesses are run entirely by the individual and pay 25% of gross revenue to One Community (as host) unless consensus agrees on a different percentage. In return, the business owner benefits from the diversity of knowledge and community talent, does not pay rent or utilities while conducting business on One Community property, and benefits from the ongoing and ever expanding marketing engine of One Community. One Community does not take part in the business’ funding, organization, staffing or business operation other than auditing the financial aspects. If a person leaves One Community they take their business with them.


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Businesses of this kind are established to create on-going income for both the individual and One Community. Capital for business building is created and maintained by all income streams of One Community and allocated by community consensus and businesses of this kind maintain their association with and support of One Community even if the business owner is no longer a community member (see example below).

To become a community sponsored business, members with business ideas present a detailed business plan to the complete membership of the community for consensus on viability and community sponsorship. If consensus agrees that a business is viable, One Community will then sponsor the business and provide a grant or 0% interest loan and staffing (through community contribution) for the business’ creation. The criteria for business sponsorship are:

  • Submission of complete business plan
  • Consensus agreement to sponsor business
  • Business must require only temporary community staffing support
  • Business must be in alignment with One Community’s Highest Good of All philosophy
  • Business model should take no longer than 1 year to be profitable AND repay supplied startup costs
  • Businesses with associated maintenance costs must maintain 1 year of business operation costs in a solvency account to be managed by One Community

Note: Businesses desiring sponsorship that requires community contribution staffing will not be available until there is sufficient infrastructure in place. This includes our tourism revenue stream that is foundational to the financial viability of One Community and sponsoring entrepreneurs.


An example of a community sponsored business that is built into the One Community revenue stream model is Home Shares. Once a Community Pioneer has contributed to One Community for 18 months they own the Home Share for the home they helped build. If they decide to leave One Community, this Home Share is managed and maintained by One Community under the community-sponsored economics model as a revenue-producing timeshare. An open book financial agreement between the Home Share owner and One Community (who is the manager of funds as business sponsor) is maintained, and distribution of funds to the Home Share owner and One Community happen at the end of each fiscal year. Necessary repairs, etc. are paid for from the solvency account.

Note: Timeshare and tourism rental are foundational revenue streams for One Community and rentals owned and operated 100% by One Community receive priority in the rental process. 


Highest-Good-Entrepreneurialism-IconOne Community is a structure for creating freedom for people. If individual business building and accumulating wealth is a part of that for a person, we’ve built into One Community the mutually beneficial model and infrastructure to help achieve this successfully. In accordance with our for The Highest Good of All philosophy we use open source sharing as a foundation for marketing, work together to maximize the effectiveness of the diverse talent available, keep overhead low through community contribution support, and create systems to maximize efficiency. With this infrastructure, we see applying the team we have now and creating an interconnected and constantly growing and expanding hub of Highest Good businesses as a win-win key component of what One Community is creating.

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Q: Is business building required at One Community?

No, business building is optional and the One Community model is designed to provide for all basics of living for all members including food, housing, energy, phone, etc. Additional expenses provided for will be decided by consensus.

Q: What about people who want or need to make money?

The entrepreneurial model is designed to support this by providing two options:

  • Building an independent or community sponsored business
  • Profit sharing in someone else’s independent or community sponsored business

Q: I have debt, how can I get out of debt as part of One Community?

Please read our page about the importance of financial stability on the Pioneer Team.

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